Wednesday, August 14, 2013

fun with doom and gloom: Ephemeros (U.S.): “All Hail Corrosion”

Ephemeros (U.S.): “All Hail Corrosion”
Recently, I have been listening to Ephemeros a lot, and I have been wondering why that is. It could be that Ephemeros masterfully works funeral melodies and that is really all there is to it: Ephemeros has great melodies. This trait makes it very difficult to argue with the music, and very easy to agree with it. However, what could make you fall off your chair in confusion or make you wonder—when you hear this music—whether you and I are listening to the same band is: Ephemeros is as funeral doom as it gets. Three songs: about 14, 11 and 15 minutes, respectively.
“But funeral doom is so boring!,” correct? No, not correct! Ephemeros plays very slow throughout the complete album, yes, and the growling is low and slow, yes, and the slow heaviness is meant for stopping and smelling the roses, and for forgetting your fast, busy life. The riffs themselves are a journey to the places where plodding, tripped out heaviness meets up with melancholy and melody, and it all makes sense when Ephemeros puts it together. “So, it is actually fun?” You bet! Highly recommended for those who are seriously into funeral doom and the way heavy sounds.
What about if you think that you do not like funeral doom, but you would like to give a chance to some very good funeral doom?
Well, I will make you a deal, if you listen to the complete song “Stillborn Workhorse” two times on headphones, and if you do not hear the melodies, if all you hear is super slow growling, drumming and chugging riffs, then you can say that Ephemeros and funeral doom are not for you, period. But it’s necessary to listen with patience and willingness. Make no mistake: Ephemeros does have catchy music, but it is located in a grey, rainy huge cloud of gloom, as found in the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Oregon, to be exact, in this case. By the way, on YouTube someone (not me!) has actually posted the song “Stillborn Workhorse”!!
Just, you know, don’t be that person that listens for, like, 5 seconds, and then claims, “I don’t like it.” If a person only listens for a few seconds, then what the person is really saying is: “I don’t UNDERSTAND it.” That’s fine, but that’s a different matter altogether, having to do with an inability to concentrate, with a short attention span.

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