Thursday, August 8, 2013

free grindcore download: Vulture Locust (Portland, Oregon)

Vulture Locust: "Civil War"
Vulture Locust abhors the Democrats, detests the Republicans, and they hate you and me, too.
Somebody has made Vulture Locust upset. Can you guess what it is?
What do they want?
The same thing that all angry gutter punks want! They want to make a lot of noise and this garage punk grindcore street growl screaming destruction is just the thing that you need today, on this Wednesday.
Just what's going on in Portland, Oregon?!
Do you like grindcore?! Yes, yes, yes, everybody loves this stuff, folks! Well, maybe not. But if you do, this music will cost you exactly jack squat to get.
Do it. Do it now!

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