Monday, August 19, 2013

finest melancholy: Autumnblaze (Germany)

Autumnblaze (Germany): “Every Sun Is Fragile”
While the knowledgeable are aware that Autumnblaze has changed in sound a lot over the years, this review is exclusively about this album, without any regard whatsoever to their other output. “Every Sun Is Fragile” illustrates more than convincingly why Autumnblaze masters the art of the melancholic sound. They sound like miserable souls, but they are so good at it, that the music is simply catchy. The vibe, the spirit, the feeling, on here might perhaps be similar, for some people, to what they imagine when they think of the melancholy, soul-searching, grey personality of latter-day Katatonia, or maybe The Smiths, or The Cure. Possibly, more accurately, Autumnblaze is melodic, melancholic, alternative-ish, melodic doom dark rock.
“Depressive” and “solemn” are words commonly used to describe this music. I guess, that’s how we tend to hear this, but, just so you know, there is fun and joy in Autumnblaze. Of course, I hope that by now, it is clear that Autumnblaze requires some patience and effort on the part of the listener, especially the younger metal listener that wants “to thrash” and wants music to be “instant.” It is otherwise with Autumnblaze. If you would like something different from the thrash, heavy, grind, black and death metal destroying your hearing every day, then Autumnblaze could potentially be a major hit with you. This band might make you change the way you listen to music, too, depending on how willing you are to let Autumnblaze into the rotation of your music collection.
Here and there, Autumnblaze shows more of a metal edge, but overall, it is a relatively clean sound with singing, in the style of a “tortured soul.” Several songs are in German, while the majority is in English. No matter, really, sometimes the music sounds like metal, sometimes like “depressive” rock, often like both at the same time. It’s “rainy, cloudy weather” music; it is grey up in here as far the eye can see, and it is over 50 minutes of music. Most importantly, it is also an excellent album from beginning to end. Logically, “macho metal only” attitudes need not apply here. That type of person would not be able to handle Autumnblaze. That type of perspective would be scared to find out what feelings Autumnblaze will make them experience. So, then, how patient are you?

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