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black metal from Africa: Barbaros: interview

Barbaros (Algeria)
Being a black metal in Africa has some particular problems, but Barbaros just keeps going despite the difficulties in Algeria. If you want to hear black metal the traditional way: fast and raw, then Barbaros will be very much a pleasure. In this interview Ayrod (guitars, vocals) answered the questions, including some questions that are uncomfortable for some people, like religion and Berber culture, which their lyrics focus on. Also, Barbaros has more than a few recordings, which deserve looking into, if you like black metal. Start right here www.facebook.com/truebarbaros and their email to stay in contact: barbaros666@hotmail.com. www.facebook.com/truebarbaros
-- Barbaros used to be a one-person project, correct? How was the process of finding other metal musicians in Algeria to play black metal?
I was a one-man band for several times when I released albums like “My Blood for …Tamazgha ” or "Amalu N’ Zik”. In Barbaros project I was always looking for collaboration with different musicians, because is very difficult to find Metal musicians with Black Metal influences, so to play live I used to call some members from great Death and Black Metal Bands like Vomygore, Axxil, Satanachiia, Tenebrum, Orcus, Taddart or Djemharouche, but most of them are split!
What are some obstacles that you confront as a black metal band?
It’s very hard to manage and give a gig in these area, because of the difficulties in organizations and few support for Metal, there are very few place to play metal generally people don’t care about what we are wearing and it's total ignorance about Metal music.
Where do you rehearse/play live in Algeria and Africa?
We spend lot of times at home for rehearse, to prepare recording or for the very few opportunities to play live. Let me tell you, if the Metal scene not developed because people in Africa can’t think, music if still in famine and AIDS, how we get in touch with other bands in Africa without any labels or metal project in common!
What motivated you play traditional black metal?
Our first demo 2001 and in the track like “World of Darkness” the tempo is so fast with blast beat drum box. Of course, we have very variation in our music if you compare "Forest of Anger" and "Godoff," but we still trying to give the Black Metal atmosphere like back in the days of Immortal, Darkthrone or Mayhem, these bands which we want to looks like since our young age to forever or die ;-)
You have lyrics about Berber culture. What caused your interest in Berber themes? Some say that most Algerians are "Arabized Berbers" or "Arab-speaking Berbers." What is your view?
We love to listen to epic Black Metal bands, so I thought that if I can introduce some topic about Berber culture should be good idea and could be best way to show our identities and cultural background of our land!! But I was aware it that will not be easier, because of unknown history of North Africa, and lot of questions like yours, and you do it good to ask about this as like a confusion. And what subject are we talking about exactly? Two different languages, or two races of people? Or maybe more? You asking good questions and the answers are in our albums, so my advices to people who want to know more about the truth or some kind of real fictions (it's not like religion books) go on and buy our CD's ;-)
Do most Algerians prefer to think they are "Arabs," and "not Berbers"? Are Algerians in denial of their history, culture and language?
It is more than important for us, it is a cultural heritage and there is no way to forgotten our ancestor past, if we write it and spread it much as we can by music. I am sorry I will not give answers here, I am afraid to be wrong, till I have not a confirmation from a PhD student in history and sociology about this topic and hope comeback to you with some evidence. But if you want something similar, you can read about what happened to Indian or the Kurdish history to obtain a little idea about what "Berbers" mean also.
What is your view regarding religion’s function for the rich and powerful in Algeria? and in the U.S.?
My view is against the things that help to destroy my ancestral culture. Of course, anti-religion even I have said some stupidity in the past, as "I am Muslim because I was born Muslim," really?? It was written on my ass?? No sense!! Then a guy from "Legion of Death Productions" has cancelled trades that used to support our local bands, because of what I said! Really? Want support "Third World" underground metal scene!!! Whatever!! Each people deserve his dictator, because the leader come always in the image of his people, or man was created by God, in his image, etc. (I don’t know where I got this stupidity XD) USA in my point of view it’s like other planet or other world, you know, lot of people reduced the American people to WalMart supermarket, but I think there are lot of positive parts that Michael Moore want not show it in his documentaries, for example.
Do you consider yourselves religious? Here in the U.S. there are some "Christian metal bands".
I am not religious even I am trying little Buddhism way of life which for me it’s not religion at all. I know some Christian black metal with good riffs, what do you want to tell you?? Some of them use Christianity to seduce people and introduce their message like racial forms or to save their culture by "white Jesus," but they don’t know it was black or some theories said he is from China, it’s not ironic XD.
What else would you like to tell us?
Thank you so much for your support, and I hope this interview will be published in many ways you want, because some people they don’t like what I said so they cancelled and don’t publish anything about us. And just one thing that I want inform our friends in the world that if Barbaros tour in Europe was cancelled because of some people which boycott our causes and misunderstand our messages. So what do you want to explain to people who confused us between Ben-laden and Satanic-warmaster?? THE END.

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