Saturday, June 15, 2013

adult contemporary metal: Infinita Symphonia (Italy)

adult contemporary metal Infinita Symphonia (Italy): “Infinita Symphonia”
This is where the good singing takes place, where melody predominates, and sing-along choruses await the listener.
Very quickly, here’s the deal. Huge, direct rocking metal riffs, catchy hooks and solos, song/rhythm-based no-nonsense drumming, and a good singer with a bit of grit (not thin-high singing), but still smooth and talented.
Rocking metal songs, proggy tracks, midtempo numbers, and ballads. A ballad?! Yes, a love song, perfect for your wedding. That’s right, a love song. “In Your Eyes,” it's called.
Quality stuff. Ear-friendly. Recommended for those into “metal that the whole family can enjoy, even the kids.”
Confession: I hated this album the first time I heard it several weeks ago! Nevertheless, I decided to return to it yesterday and today. Something changed! The music is still the same, but my understanding of it became better, and in return, I totally see what Infinita Symphonia is doing. Fun, upbeat, rocking.
Look up the video on YouTube “If I Could Go Back” for a taste of the upbeat, melodic metal rocking! It’s not a high-budget video, but just listen to the music.

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