Sunday, May 19, 2013

Woe: "Withdrawal"

Being out of the loop on the music of Woe,
I had no expectations. The band name is not the most exciting and the one-word title surely doesn’t sound interesting. Just wait until you hear this black metal! I was not even finished checking out the second song when it all became obvious: although steeped in the grim and classic 90s black metal, Woe has substantial creativity and a strong sense for arranging the songs. The most impressive aspect of Woe is how each song has things to make it stand out: whether it is a hook, a change in rhythm or just good riffs, Woe takes but one listen to convince. Woe is not afraid to use semi-melodic singing nor fearful of using melody to enhance certain moments in the compositions. Even though it is completely accurate that Woe has semi-necro production values and they could benefit from a clearer sound quality, Woe is more than a band with potential. No need to wait, they deliver the goods now. Check out the huge black thrashing riffs on “Carried by the Waves to Remorseless Shores of the Truth,” and if that doesn’t make you bang your head, then possibly nothing ever will. The soloing is catchy, too. Of course, the vocals are ripping shrieking snarls, and you can hear the bass in places. The thing is that every song has important spices like that which makes them attractive to the black metal ear. Woe has just made me a new advocate.

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