Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weapons to Hunt (Holland): Blessed in Sin

This is why metallers’ necks hurt so badly. Do yourself a favor, check out this shredding by Weapons to Hunt. Huge, smoking deathrash-ish riffs, but sped up, so these things will make your fingers hurt faster just thinking about the movements on the strings. Every time I listen to this album, the riffs convince me that Weapons to Hunt should get more attention. Why are the riffs so good? One of the guitarists, Ron, is a former member of Sinister, and the other guitar player, Bastiaan, is a current member of Sinister, as is Aad, vocalist for Weapons to Hunt and Sinister. By the way, Weapons to Hunt does not sound like Sinister, either. This band is a bit thrashier, and even though it is fast stuff, it’s not “brutal blasting,” but more along the lines of relentless speed metal drumming. That is, tight and compact. A thrashy riff here, a tremolo segment there, a thick death metal dash over there, and solos/flashes of melody, all done within a sound/production that is death metal. This review makes it appear exciting, doesn’t it? I should hope so, because this band is. www.facebook.com/pages/Weapons-to-Hunt/124969717612834

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