Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rectified Spirit (India): "Rectified Spirit"

Melodic thrash with a vocalist that sings, and a bit of a prog-melodic touch. For the most part, Rectified Spirit goes for thrashing and headbanging, with a melodic edge, with some of overtones/moments suggest metalcore elements, like the screamed vocals and traditional singing in combination. All in all, the sound is melodic thrash, and definitely not hardcore, amply demonstrated by the Maidenesque guitar melodies and the Priestesque wailing. Tracks like “There Is No Tomorrow” and “Rectified Spirit” are good examples of these traits. “Paradigm Lost,” on the other hand, sounds a bit like Killswitch Engage and Exodus together. The prog parts, in general, are separated in the form of two longer songs that are 8-minute plus. This shows that a characteristic of metal bands from India: they do not care to be boxed in a particular category; they play metal, mix and match, cut and paste, in a free-thinking way, seemingly unfettered by the rules found in certain other countries and their scenes. Good potential here.

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