Sunday, May 26, 2013

keep Portland weird, indeed: Eolian Empire Records unleashes 26 Portland bands

keep Portland weird, indeed: Eolian Empire records unleashes 26 Portland bands
Eolian Empire KEEP OUR HEADS Compilation: 26 Portland Bands, 99-Minutes Of Bedlam
No such thing as too much music, just ask Eolian Empire
You wanted the best (from Portland), you've got the best!!
What's going on in Portland?!
A lot, actually.
Punk that sounds like black metal that sounds like hardcore that sounds like sludge that sounds like angry hippies that sounds like...everyone who lives in Portland??!!
Here it is. This is a great idea of what's happening in the Portland DIY, punk hardcore stoner thrash and a whole lot of other noise world.
I miss Portland.
Voodoo Doughnuts and music.
Keep Portland Weird!!
KEEP OUR HEADS Track Listing:
side X:
Honduran – “No Man's Land”
Diesto – “Arrows”
Fist Fite – “Bitches Leave”
Humours – “In the Court of the Corn-Eyed King”
Drunk Dad – “S.O.U.”
Palo Verde – “Swimming in the Royal Academy”
Big Black Cloud – “Reptile Brain”
Lord Dying – “The Value of Pity”
Norska – “Eostre”
Towers – “Hell”
Tiny Knives – “Winter”
Redneck – “Princess”
side Y:
Sioux – “Ascension”
IX – “Robocrastinatortron”
The Ax – “Luminaries”
Order of the Gash, "In the Library of Leng: Vol 1 - The Hangman's Wine"
Sei Hexe, "Minutiae Obsession"
Prizehog – “Irrevelant”
Hot Victory – “The Cog”
Gaytheist – “Gimme Black My Blow”
Rabbits – “Drink, Drank, Drunk”
LKN – “Freedom Shot”
Nasalrod – “Suicidal Propaganda”
Crag Dweller – “The Animal”
Gone to Croatoan – “Poor, Poor Little Man”
Acre – “Heavy Day”

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