Saturday, May 4, 2013


Imprecation is at it again, enveloping Texas metal in a cloud of doom, descanting the tunes of blasphemous death in “Satanae Tenebris Infinita.” I could listen to this album for weeks on end, really, it’s expertly done at all levels. The songs, heavy as the heaviest stuff around, have a lot to offer: the contrast between the doomiest drawn out parts, with the faster segments, including blasting, achieve much in the sense of distinctive songwriting. Furthermore, Imprecation brings a bit of background symphonic doom to accompany the heavier, drier moments, and that has been a great decision, given the undisputable result of memorability, not just massiveness. Plus, it’s not like that bit of background sounds takes away from the denseness, it adds a sinister mood. The dense riffs have a huge classic Candlemass effect, though in a clearly different context of doom death here. Interestingly, the bits of guitar melody—a hook here, a tremolo lick there, a solo over there —are so carefully placed in the correct spots that you have to go back and listen to how they choose said placement. Finally, the vocals: the low and slow growling functions as another instrument in the cast of sounds. Basically indecipherable, the growling mauls the syllables for encasing in darkness the compositions. What an exciting thing it is to have Imprecation deliver on what has been promised for a long time. Mission accomplished.

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