Tuesday, May 21, 2013

black metal Tuesday: Enshadowed (Greece)

Enshadowed: "Magic Chaos Psychedelia"
Efficient, reliable, intense and appealing, that’s Enshadowed. Blasting their way through traditional black metal with contagious enthusiasm and personality, this title (their third) sees the band stack up the riffs with quickness, always keeping the foot pressed against the pedal, and wisely backing off the blasting at the selected places, only to return reliably to the high level of intensity.
When the music is playing Enshadowed is utterly convincing in the execution of songs that bundle up slightly dissonant riffs, thrashing hooks, while loyally sticking tightly to the definition of traditional black metal. The snarls and screams give you everything you want, and nothing you don’t. Just black metal.
Noticeably, Enshadowed rejects utilizing melodies to make their point, preferring to communicate through sheer musical muscle, and a riff-after-riff mentality. The “psychedelia” element seems to be found only on the last song, the title, which sports some spacey/trippy moments. In summary, as black metal execution, Enshadowed has it all bagged up and ready to go. Join them for ride into blasting black metal, and more.
www.facebook.com/EnshadowedOfficial www.facebook.com/EnshadowedOfficial

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