Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Aethernaeum (Germany): “Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald”; Lux Divina (Spain): “Possessed by Telluric Feelings” Vreid

Aethernaeum (Germany): “Wanderungen durch den Daemmerwald” Lux Divina (Spain): “Possessed by Telluric Feelings” Vreid (Norway): “Welcome Farewell” Aethernaeum used to be the solo project of romantic black metal entity Alexander Paul Blake, the name of the frontperson for gothic metallists Eden Weint im Grab (“Eden Weeps in the Grave”). Now that APB has surrounded himself with a band, the name has changed, the essence of the music has not: romantic black metal. I’m not sure if the new band did record these songs or if it’s just APB himself doing everything still. Bottom line, Aethernaeum embodies an elegant, pensive type of “nature black metal.” This music adds to black metal an atmospheric, folk, acoustic feel, with whispered vocals in some places. Twoh songs are about 12 minutes and 3 are between 8-10 minutes, amongst other songs in this hour-long title. It’s not music for a short attention span nor immediate satisfaction. It’s meant to be an experience, and it’s sort of a test for the kind of metal listener that one might be. Right from the beginning, the listener gets two songs (11:44 and 12:07) that invite repeated listens. How good is your mental concentration? If it’s not that great, then Aethernaeum will expand the parameters of the ability to focus, provided the music is given a chance. www.aethernaeum.de www.aethernaeum.de
Lux Divina becomes a listening adventure for those that want something black metal, but also want sounds that provide other elements that correspond with fundamental grimness. In this specific case, Lux Divina makes substantial use of melodic, traditional singing as a main and recurring component, framing the black metal—somewhat in the area of semi-necro, not “modern,” but still rather clear to hear, and easy on the ears (the bass guitar is audible)—in a broader context, with more horizons. Lux Divina consists of plenty of blazing speed, although they bring additional dimensions by way of some slower riffs and rhythms that the listener can recall a bit more than the speed. Of course, the utilization of melodic singing goes a long way towards grabbing the listener’s attention and staying in one’s memory. The point: Lux Divina offers compact songs while constructing semi-necro, grim, tremolo-driven segments, balanced out with singing and tasteful moments. Surprisingly good, creatively strong.www.luxdivina.com www.lux divina.com

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