Saturday, April 6, 2013

Necrocurse (Sweden) review

Necrocurse (Sweden): Grip of the Dead (Pulverised Records Records)
Top ten reasons why Necrocurse should sell a trillion copies of their album.
10. Necrocurse is torn jeans, bulletbelts, leather and evil sunglasses metal.
9. They have a song called “Rotten in the Dark.” That’s for you, Dio fans.
8. The decomposing zombie vocalist on this album is Hellbutcher, from Nifelheim.
7. Anything that is Nifelheim related is bound to be great.
6. Necrocurse rolls up black metal, death metal and heavy metal in such a way that everyone, and I mean everyone who is not an idiot, will like it. Perfect concoction of Venom, Mercyful Fate, Sodom, Stockholm-style death metal, all sorts of no-nonsense black metal, zombie melodies and rotten catchiness.
5. This album will appeal to those that miss the days when Slayer sounded evil, “Hell Awaits,” 1985 and before.
4. You are never interested in a metal band, unless they have pentagrams, inverted crosses, skulls, fire or zombies in their songs or album covers.
3. The walls of your castle are covered with metal music decorations. And your castle is your grandma’s basement because the economy is bad and you need a place to stay during the winter because it’s difficult to sleep under the freeway during the winter months. It’s freaking cold, right?
2. During the summer months, when you live under the freeway, you decorate the walls under the freeway with Venom and Slayer logos. You also want to draw Death’s old logo, but you are still working on that spider, which you never seem to get right. But you will. You will. We know you will. You are determined.
1. This band has the word “necro” in their name. If they chose the word “necro” in their name, I don’t need to know much else. I know their intentions, their origins, their mentality of metal. You have the word “necro” in your band’s name. Say no more. I’m in.

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