Thursday, February 7, 2013

Offensor (Peru): Manifiesto herético

Offensor  (Peru): Manifiesto herético
This recording is alive, unpolished, with a bite, where one can hear the rawness, brutality and grimness well. Here are 4 things that I noticed.
--1--hard-hitting drumming, fast drumming: Offensor has those moments of total death metal brutality where the hitting sounds so strong. These Mike Smith/Suffocation moments sound great in this context.
According to Metal Archives, there is no drummer listed. Could this be a drum machine? It’s difficult to believe it, it sounds creative, in a human way.
--2--the vocals sound like brutal death black metal, but enunciated well (not cupped microphone); the enunciation of words is done with such a venomous tongue of black metal grimness. 
--3--the riffs are sometimes very death metal, then black metal, and also with a recurring feel of classic 80s sickness. These three features make up this bundle of sound.
--4--lastly, and most importantly, the songs get the job done in a good, energetic way. Nothing wrong with that at all.

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    I´m a friend of the band Offensor. The drummer is ODIUMN, also drumer of band peruvian old REPUGNANCIA