Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the melodic/growl metal of Noumena (Finland)

the melodic/growl metal of Noumena (Finland)
Noumena: "Death Walks with Me"
What is your idea of 1990s metal? Does your imagination move towards In Flames and Dark Tranquillity? Perhaps you think of Amorphis? Maybe your thoughts gravitate in the direction of the sounds of bands with growled vocals, memorable hooks, and melancholic tendencies?
What about the continuation of that style nowadays? Do you enjoy the aesthetics of Insomnium, and possibly Omnium Gatherum, Be’lakor, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, and of course, Dark Tranquillity?
If your answer is in the affirmative, then, add Noumena to your list. This band, however, is no novices, so worry not about Noumena being an acolyte entity. For instance, according to Metal Archives, this band has been active since 1998. It seems that, in addition, several of the band members were in metal bands in the mid 90s; therefore, as you can see, Noumena has been around the block.
The first thing that I noticed is that the music is expertly done in all phases: a professional sound, capable (and non-barked) growling, good traditional singing, and catchy songs. This is the band’s fourth full-length album, and with it, Noumena runs the gamut of upbeat riffs and growling, while also working midtempo catchy segments and gothic/melancholic traditional singing and mellower moments. Songs have the multiple guitar approach: the low-tuned semi-thrashy riffs, which are then topped off with a layer of very ear-friendly guitar notes. This method of writing is represented throughout the album, and evinces a great deal of care taken in the compositions.
The band’s previous “Anatomy of Life” album is from 2006, and this one is from 2013. As for this long pause in action, I do not know if the band broke up and then reunited, but the results here speak to a band working hard on each song, and it’s readily clear that Noumena has crafted a work that goes very well with the classics of this particular style, namely In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and Amorphis. Whether it’s Amorphis’ “Tales from the Thousand Lakes,” or Dark Tranquillity’s “The Gallery” or “Projector,” Noumena has many qualities that also appeal to those attentive to the current practitioners of this sound, such as Insomnium. To end, give this album a few serious listens in order for the complete picture to emerge, and I believe that you will agree that Noumena has delivered quality.

fugly metal: Secret of Ankh (Iran)

Secret of Ankh (Iran)
Secret of Ankh is about a blasphemous spirit that would make King Diamond blush. “Frozen Forest” is the name of the recording and it does in fact sound like it was recorded in a cave. It’s not blasting, raging black/death metal, although some of the music is exactly that, but by far the most important element is the evil-dark chanting and atmosphere. Look at it as an experiment in sick underground music. In this case, underground might actually be a correct description of this duo. Go to the Facebook page and from there you can access the free downloads, as well as a bit (not much more) info. Metal Archives says that this duo is based in Iran, but check it out for yourself and try to contact them and see what happens.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Back to the 70s with Holyphant (Italy): FREE DEMO of 70s-STYLE DOOM

Back to the 70s with Holyphant (Italy): FREE DEMO of 70s-STYLE DOOM
Holyphant has a five-song demo (about 27 minutes) of what they call "dark true rock" with 70s elements.
Or, how about this?: it's doom.
Holyphant combines early 70s Black Sabbath, with a bit of hippy trip rock, and perhaps also a nice portion of Pentagram.
Holyphant sounds like a band disgusted with popular rock and metal. They probably hate all the computerized music sounds of today. Holyphant also sounds like a band playing its own instruments and just letting the chips fall where they may.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

death doom for a new year: Eye of Solitude (U.K.)

Eye of Solitude (U.K.)
The previous album by Eye of Solitude, “Sui Caedere” (2012), impressed me beyond expectations because said work is a bit different from what I imagine within “funeral death doom.” Although “Sui Caedere” is definitely very slow and heavy, it uses enough melody to catch the listener’s attention.
Logically, when I found out that the band has a new album called “Canto III,” I couldn’t help but expect low-growl, super heavy duty funeral death doom. However, I was wrong. Or, at least, I was wrong about several important aspects.
The main overall element about “Canto III” that distances the album from its predecessor is how wide Eye of Solitude has cast its net. The big umbrella under which all of the band’s sounds can be labeled is still “death doom.” Nevertheless, that’s not entirely correct, given the variety found throughout the songs. Namely, blasting speed comprises a crucial ingredient in the music. Black metal energy has been embraced, and both the speed and the guitar work have mutated the frame in which the band’s sound operates. These “symphonic, blasting black metal” passages have altered the way that the listener will understand Eye of Solitude here.
Of course, there are other aspects, such as the guitar melodies in some segments, that add bright spots to the depressive doom. In addition, a small to moderate use of “clean” vocals brings new dimensions, as if Eye of Solitude has thrown open the doors to its music. Seeing that the growling by this band is low, guttural and indecipherable, the “clean” vocals add a discernable contrast.
All in all, this album is a tad “accessible” due to the variety of styles. Yet, it still demands patience and trust from the listener. For instance, one has to wait about three minutes of introductory atmosphere, before the first song gets going. This six-track album is over an hour of music, meaning that instant gratification is not the objective. Rather, it’s meant to take several listens and lots of time before the clouds and dust of death doom clear up a bit and give way to the melody, nuances and intelligibility.
As we know, It’s difficult to be perfect, and sure enough, my ears have had a bit of trouble on a couple of different points. In my opinion, when the music is going fast, the drums sound too plastic, like a drum machine. My ears also noticed the “modern” production: the “wall of loud noise” approach seems to drown out the contrasts and shades too much, creating the sensation of an album that is a bit too loud for its own good.
Despite these subjective matters, I do not hesitate to recommend this monster of an album to death doom listeners, who will be pleased with the heaviness, melodies and the effort on the part of Eye of Solitude, which has again achieved a strong success for itself.
www.facebook.com/eyeofsolitudeband www.facebook.com/kaotoxinrecords

Saturday, December 28, 2013

prog metal: The Great Gamble; and Al Joseph

The Great Gamble; and Al Joseph
Would you be interested in hearing a prog metal band that really is prog? One of those bands that writes lengthy compositions without much regard to making “simple” music for the “average listener”? If your answer is a positive one, then look into: The Great Gamble and its album “Book 1.” This bunch is supposedly planning a return to action in 2014, given that 2013 seemed to be a year of low activity. You could justifiably make the case that “Book 1” (2012) is elitist brainiac prog. Besides a very brief track (1:34), there are five full songs: four clock about 10 minutes on average, and the last is some 16 minutes.
Let’s not kid around. The Great Gamble is music for musicians, for people with lots of patience, for metal seekers, for the selective prog listeners, and new listeners whose minds are receptive to something more complex.
You can imagine that it takes repeated listens for all of this music to make sense. These songs go into meandering paths, on tangents, and it’s only minutes later that the band may return to the chorus. Expect guitar solos, long instrumental segments, and very proggy passages. Personally, I do remember certain passages from songs, but it takes at least a few listens to absorb the album, which is a pretty good feeling, giving you reasons to come back to this ambitious self-release by a young band struggling to make a name for itself.
Some very pleasant economic news: this album is available for free at Bandcamp.
In other news related to The Great Gamble, the band’s guitar player Al Joseph has an instrumental shred album called “Out in the Open” and it’s definitely for listeners into guitar-centered shred. If you buy shred albums by Joe Satriani, Tony MacAlpine, Steve Vai and other legendary guitar wizards, AJ will be a new artist interesting to you. AJ’s guitar power cannot be denied, and although he is not yet a guitar jedi, he is on his way. As Yoda would say, “Patience young one, be the guitar kingdom keys yours they cannot yet. Yes, hmmm, but yours and the treasure you will find will soon they be. Yeessssss.”
In any case, if you are a tolerant and patient music listener into prog and shred, then look into The Great Gamble and Al Joseph.

Monday, December 23, 2013


Theoria (Syria)
The black metal of Theoria, as found on the album “Mantra” (2013; five songs; 34 minutes), showcases certain two-lane structures enhanced with memorable elements that make sense to the listener relatively quickly. The sound quality is not the most polished fancy, and of course, the primal sound identity might not change the minds of some skeptics; however, if you like to search out different bands in black metal, then this is worth investigating.
Consider, for instance, how Theoria seamlessly runs the spectrum of raw, fast black metal with instant energy, and then transitions to midtempo and some doom-like shades. As a result, Theoria goes for a grim vibe, balanced out by atmospherics as an indispensable component. The glue holding things together for Theoria consists of clever incorporations of bits of melody smoothing out the overall songwriting, which all makes the album one that justifies repeated listens in order to discover nuances throughout the recording.
Theoria is based in Aleppo, Syria, according to Metal Archives. Syria is a country has been in the news in the recent period due to the civil war taking place there. I don’t know if Ahmad and Besher—the people of Theoria—still live in Syria. Meanwhile, Theoria is very generous and has made this album available for free at Bandcamp.
As if that weren’t gift enough, there’s another surprise from Ahmad and Besher: they have a second musical project together called Crescent Moon, an atmospheric doom death entity that has a two-song recording called “The Wall of Light” (about 18 minutes) that is also available for free at Bandcamp.
If you like to seek out metal, Theoria and Crescent Moon present a nice opportunity for doing so. Why not get in contact with Theoria/Crescent Moon, too? As I said, I can’t give definites on the personal information or the location of Theoria/Crescent Moon, only the music, which is really what matters, anyway. Hopefully this is not the last that we hear from this duo.
www.theoria1.bandcamp.com www.crescentmoon-sy.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/Theoria.SY www.facebook.com/Crescent.Moon.sy

believe it or not: FREE: old 1998 full album by grind/crust veterans Phobia (U.S.)

believe it or not: FREE: old 1998 full album by grind/crust veterans Phobia (U.S.)
This 17-song, 35-minute album called "Means of Existence" is available for free here.

old school death metal band Ecocide has the album available to listen at YouTube

death metal band Ecocide has the album available to listen on YouTube
"Eye of the Wicked Sight" is the name of the 2013 album by this traditional death metal band from Holland. It's not a free album, but you can listen to the complete album on YouTube.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

FREE: cave-recorded leftist black metal: Puna Terrori (Finland?)

FREE: cave-recorded leftist black metal: Puna Terrori (Finland?)
Basically no info here. Check this out only if you enjoy cave-recorded black metal that sounds like 80s underground demos. This recording is supposedly from 2013.
1.Empires In Ruins
2.Under The Sign Of The Star
3.The Path To Our Destiny
4.Kristittyjen Viimeinen Yö
Try this link and see if it works for you.
You can also check this out on YouTube and Lastfm if the link does not work. I don't have much more info than this right now. The music, though, that's sounds a-ok.

FREE: nasty 80s-style decomposing death metal: TrenchRot (U.S.)

FREE: nasty 80s-style decomposing death metal: TrenchRot (U.S.)
TrenchRot has a new album that will be released soon, but in the meantime here's the three-song from earlier this year.
Let's just say that perhaps somebody has been listening to lots of Venom and Master. In fact, if you love Master, then feel free to call this "Master, Jr." It's rotten death metal like in the 80s.

FREE: FOLK HEAVY METAL from Bolivia: Ikael

FREE: FOLK HEAVY METAL from Bolivia: Ikael
Ikael is back in action after some time of inactivity. In the meantime, here are 8 free songs for download from the album "Lejos de ser ángel" ("Far from being an angel") which is now a couple of years old, but you have not heard Ikael, correct? So, it's new to you and it's new to me, too.
Plus, you have not heard that many metal bands from Bolivia, right?!
Well, here's a place to start. It's melodic and folky and catchy, in a rocking metal style.
By the way, tell this band that you like their music. They have been inactive but are now back in action and it would be nice if you were more than just a simple freeloader moocher and actually send them some greetings. You know how some people on the internet are rude, well, don't be one of those. If you like this music, get in contact with this Bolivian band. If you don't speak Spanish, don't worry, they obviously speak the language of music, so they will understand your message just fine.

Friday, December 20, 2013

grind grind grind: Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation (Japan)

grind grind grind: Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation (Japan)
The hills are alive with the sound of grind and Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation. Besides possibly having the greatest name for a band ever, this group is made up of geniuses of grind. Instantly likeable, and efficiently to the point, with no time-a-wasting, the F.I.D. sound has taken over my basement.
The band has demos from 2003, 2004 and 2006. Then, in 2008, that’s when the grind hit the windmill, the band’s debut self-titled album was released. Ridonculous: an outrageous collection of growling, screaming, animal sounds, thundering bass, stomping beats, blasting…and lots of yaaarrgg woof-woof aaarrrgg!
Bits, segments and pieces in the songs suggest all sorts of genre mixing, yet it all sounds very grind. For short moments, you may think that they are going to do a slow doom song, and it all gets busted up in grind; some riffs sound kind of “rock and roll,” only to get jacked up by grind. A lot of times F.I.D. sounds like “brutal death metal,” but it’s so hyper that it all turns into grind the F.I.D. way. Immensely enjoyable and boatloads of fun; F.I.D. has a certain punk rock flair that charms up the grind, too.
Then in 2011 their EP “Kakusei” destroyed any doubts about where this band was heading. In a way, the EP solidifies the achievement of the debut. Of course, it’s an EP, so it’s short, even within a context of grind.
That brings us to the present. The name of the album is “Wallow.” Clearly presenting their best-sounding recording to date, “Wallow” is also another loud scream of sonic mayhem that continues what this has band has been doing for all these years now. It’s quite the racket the way that F.I.D. goes about destroying people’s hearing. Everybody’s going to need hearing aids after listening to this.
It’s not just in the studio, either. For instance, look up this band on YouTube performing live in concert and you will find several frenzy-whipping performances. F.I.D. is here to chew bubble gum and to play grind, and they are all out of bubble gum. Whether it’s Obscene Extreme Fest in the Europe or Asia, or some club in the middle of nowhere USA, the people who witness the band leave very moshed up and mostly likely in some form of bodily pain. F.I.D. has made a couple of appearances in the U.S., such as in L.A. and Oakland. This is a picture of F.I.D. with the lumberjack trainhopping hoboes from Capitalist Casualties and Slight Slappers, and who knows what other cage-fighting freaks, too.
People into Nasum, Rotten Sound, Napalm Death and grind in general, this one’s for you.

Deeds of Flesh: "Portals to Canaan"

At this stage of the game, Deeds of Flesh has accumulated enough musical capital to be considered an institution of intense/heavy/technical death metal, and not just a good band within the genre. For instance, look up reviews by people who know and you will find a general consensus that Deeds of Flesh is right up there with Suffocation, Decrepit Birth, Defeated Sanity, Origin and all the other main names of the style. Actually, Deeds of Flesh is an older name than most of those bands, with the big exception of Suffocation, of course.
Their first EP is from 1995 and it was called “Gradually Melted.” That was followed by their debut “Trading Pieces” in 1996. Well, the 90s was a long time ago, and much has changed, including in the membership of Deeds of Flesh. However, with the passing of time, their solid reputation has grown; and in 2013 the band has an album called “Portals to Canaan,” which follows 2008’s “Of What’s to Come.”
“Portals to Canaan” presents several matters that might surprise the listener. For instance, would you believe that “brutal/technical” blasting death metal accommodates large shares of guitar melody? That’s exactly what this album demonstrates in its 40 minutes of music (including a Gorguts cover).
Unfortunately, it would appear that some, including those that enjoy the style, have painted Deeds of Flesh into a corner when describing the sound. Really, that’s too bad. Deeds of Flesh may be “brutal” or “technical” music, but there is much more here than nonstop blasting, zombie woof-woof.
I would say that you do not need to be a math genius to understand Deeds of Flesh; the songs have enough guitar melody that it is quite easy to approach the compositions in that manner, as a gateway to the complexity. Still demanding of the listener, but it helps that Dees of Flesh has incorporated components that liven up the monolith of death metal.
I would submit that “Portals to Canaan” is indeed a strong album. If you like “brutal/technical” but you have high standards, you demand great guitar work and attention to songwriting, then Deeds of Flesh is worth your time. The album can appear abstruse and cold, but once you listen a few times, that notion is easily dispelled.
The only thing that band is probably too conservative on is the vocals. The growling is a bit too restricted, and could stand to be looser and rage in wilder, unhinged ways. All in all, the album should be checked out by listeners into blasting/technical death metal because the quality is high on this album.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

FREE: glorious metal for the glory of power metal: Adaia (Colombia)

FREE: glorious metal for the glory of power metal: Adaia (Colombia)
You want real singing in heavy metal way with high vocals that go "iiiiiiiigggh" and "eeeeeeeeiiiiii"?!
Adaia is traditional power metal with speed and melody and they have songs for free for you to download today. Adaia is great success for singing, for guitar work, for drummering and the bass that brings your life.
You like headbanging and power metal sing along songs?! Adaia is for youuuuuuuuu!!
Wait that is not all. Adaia sings in Spanish. Do you know what that means? Power metal is more glorious, more touch the sky singing, more high singing passion and more.... everything!!
OK, you chant along now: Adaia, Adaia, Adaia!! Power metallllll!
Don't forget to send greetings to Colombia, too. After all, friend, Adaia is giving you free music.
Let's learn a bit of that Spanish with Adaia now:
Also on their Facebook page it has a link that says you can download the complete album for free. Just go to the Facebook and see the most recent post with the word: "descarga gratuita" which is Spanish for "free download." Try and see if it works for you. www.facebook.com/adaiametal1

FREE: thrashy catchy melodic upbeat growl metal: Exthenia (Finland)

FREE: thrashy catchy melodic upbeat growl metal: Exthenia (Finland)
Exthenia's demo "Endless Path" throws a lot of genres into the blender and the result is a catchy sound. In particular, listeners into prime-time 90s Scandinavian/Finnish melodic/growl sounds should be interested.
It's a totally free recording, perfect price for the moochers.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FREE: 2 EPs of "Cascadian black metal" from Washington state: With The End In Mind

FREE: 2 EPs of "Cascadian black metal" from Washington state: With The End In Mind
With The End In Mind wants you to have the EP from 2013 and another EP from 2013 called "Thresholder."
As you know, when you say "Cascadian black metal" it often makes people think of Wolves In The Throne Room from Washington state.
However, you should know that there is more under the surface. A lot more.
For instance, With The End In Mind. This music is black metal in the sort of "post black metal" that incorporates long doom or atmospheric passages, quiet moments, which are then led into necro black metal fury and the tremolo sounds that people recognize.
Two free EPs. How you can beat that?
Thanks to With The End In Mind for allowing us the smoochers and freeloaders to steal these recordings.


How about a demo of ugly brutal traditional old school death metal from the lands of Kentucky, U.S.?
The band decided to give you only three songs because they thought that if they gave you more songs that you would not be able to handle it.
That's the truth.
You want the truth?
You can't handle the truth!!
The truth is called Soul Rot. That's correct, Soul Rot.


OK, well, don't get too happy because that would not right. Curb your enthusiasm.
This band is going to show you the joys of unjoy.
You know the cliché: cold, atmospheric, lonely, depressive winter music.
What do you think about this music if you don't have a cold winter where you live? Does it really matter? Only you know that for you.
This music is pretty chill, regardless.
www.isaz.bandcamp.com www.isaz.bandcamp.com

FREE EP of STONER SLUDGE: Dune (U.K.): Sabbath is dead, and alive here

FREE EP of STONER SLUDGE: Dune (U.K.): Sabbath is dead, and alive here
"Progenitor" is the name of the EP and it's some 29 minutes of sludge Sabbath/High on Fire and stoner rock and roll metal that will slow down your hectic day.
Dune wants you to chill. Relax, it's only rock and roll.
This EP is free and you can get it here: www.songs-of-arrakis.bandcamp.com
Then, go to their Facebook page and post a bunch of nonsensical messages just to show them that you, too, travel to the stars and love science fiction. Put your helmet on because this wormhole will make your elbows feel fuuuuuuunnny. www.facebook.com/DuneEdinburgh

FREE BLACK METAL: Smuteční Slavnost (Czech Republic): 3 recordings of anti-fascist, unorthodox black metal

FREE BLACK METAL: Smuteční Slavnost (Czech Republic): 3 recordings of anti-fascist, unorthodox black metal
You know that you like black metal. You saw the headline and your eyebrows perked up. Well, this band has a demo, a full-lenght album and an EP available for free.
It is cave-recorded black metal, because that's how they roll and that's what they do.
Just as cool, this band on its website is critical of stupid, stupid, stupid ignorance like homophobia, the glorification of violence and war, and racism.
Did I mention that this music is also FREE of charge. No money? No problem! Xmas got you broke? Don't worry. Smuteční Slavnost got you covered.
Just be nice and send them a thank you note at least.

FREE MUSIC: how would death metal sound without vocals?!: Ophidius (U.S.)

FREE MUSIC: "death metal" with no vocals?! yes!!: Ophidius (U.S.)
"Death metal with no vocals" is not possible!!
or is it?!
Ophidius is exactly that.
For all those people who have said: I like the music of death metal, but the vocals suck! Well, well, here is your chance. Your prayers have been heard and the answer is here. Ophidius is progressive instrumental death metal.
Ophidius is from a land far, far away, mysterious and mythical, it is called ... "New Jersey." This band has made their entire EP available for free. How wacko is that?!

"baby Killswitch Engage" and FREE MUSIC: Mortal Soul (Kenya)

"baby Killswitch Engage" and FREE MUSIC: Mortal Soul (Kenya)
Mortal Soul (Kenya)
The name of this metalcore band keeps popping up in articles, interviews and comments by bands. For instance, in issue 38 of this zine the band Skinflint (Botswana) mentioned Mortal Soul. This band started in 2010 and is based in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. Mortal Soul is Peter (guitars), Leon (vocals and guitars), Celeste (drums), and Young (bass).
Mortal Soul has a recording called “Ashes in the Wind.” Fortunately for those interested, Mortal Soul has posted some tracks on ReverbNation for everyone to hear and download. Also, you can stream the complete EP on YouTube, just type the following: “Ashes in the Wind – Mortal Soul (complete Ep stream).”
Cheers to Mortal Soul for doing what they want to do. They sound like a young band, learning the ropes, and getting experience. A quick way to describe their sound is to say that they are a “baby Killswitch Engage band,” although on this matter, the band specifically cites as influences: Trivium, As I Lay Dying, Bullet for My Valentine, and Metallica, as well as Creed, Foo Fighters and Linkin Park, amongst others. Be that as it may, I think listeners into the Killswitch Engage style of rocking segments and melodic components would find Mortal Soul as a new interesting group.
For Mortal Soul, determined to play this music in their particular circumstances, it is always nice to hear from listeners that support and enjoy the band’s work, so remember to send them greetings. This is a band working on finding its sound, and things are looking up. Let’s see what happens on their journey and where they decide to take their music. Hopefully, it only gets heavier and more metal. This is a good, solid beginning.
Check it out: www.reverbnation.com/mortalsoulke
Another way to be in contact: www.facebook.com/mortalsoulke

Yup, more "brutal death metal" from Indonesia: Interfectorment

Yup, more "brutal death metal" from Indonesia: Interfectorment
Hear and download this:

What have I been telling you about "brutal death metal" from Indonesia?: Puregation

What have I been telling you about "brutal death metal" from Indonesia?: Puregation
Every week now, more "brutal death metal" from Indonesia. Hear for yourself:

FREE MUSIC: "Cascadian black metal": Radagast

FREE MUSIC: "Cascadian black metal": Radagast
Here's an ambitious recording of "Cascadian black metal."
Don't let the word "Cascadian" fool you: it's black metal.
Good luck finding this in Facebook!! Just try and see what happens...oh, the hobbits will appear. At least, the Bandcamp page works.

these death metal sickos want you to have something for nothing: Inanimate (Sweden)

these death metal sickos want you to have something for nothing: Inanimate (Sweden)
their EP called "Cacoethes" is available for the price of nothing, you cheapo!
Run zombie, run to this festival of disgusting death metal.
great success"! high five! I like-a death metal-a!

FREE "glorious power metal": Parsifal: full album available for free

FREE "glorious power metal": Parsifal: full album available for free
Parsifal has made available for free its complete album called "Here from the Past."
If you like "glorious power metal," then Parsifal has a gift for you. Merry Xmas and bang your band.
Don't you think that if you like the album and you download it, don't you think that should send them a thank you message here? I think so. www.facebook.com/parsifalband

Monday, December 16, 2013

interview with crust/death Subterror (Brazil); plus, 3 Subterror recordings for free for you to enjoy

Subterror (Brazil)
What happens when you mix Hellhammer with Discharge? Subterror!
“Awesome” and “excellent” does not even begin to explain how exciting Subterror sounds.
If you want to hear a band with an honest mentality about recording, politics and music, then Subterror is for you.
Plus, how cool is this? Their three recordings are available for free, which is how I got them, and so can you: “Desespero” (2011), “Subterror/Do You Think I Care?” split (2012), “Human Beings Should Have Never Evolved … at All!!” (2013).
Get the free music here: www.subterror.bandcamp.com
Don’t be a stranger. Send them a “thank you” note for making the existence on this miserable, violent and disgusting planet a bit more bearable with this music.
www.facebook.com/Subterror contact: subterrorcrustbr@gmail.com
Samuel (drums) was kind to give answers to these questions. As you will see, Subterror has a lot to say about music and politics.
How are you all? You have three recordings? That's what it says on Metal Archives. Is that correct?
Hello! Thanks for the contact and the interview! We are fine, despite the hot weather of the city. Well, these informations are correct. We started the band in 2009 and we made our first release in 2010, a demo called “Desespero” (“Despair” in English). In 2012 we released a split with a crust band from Hungary called "Do you think I care?" and in 2013 we released our split with another crust band, "Defy" from São Paulo (Brasil). At the moment we’re preparing our first full-length which will be released in 2014 by the label Black Hole productions into CD format and on vinyl by other labels.
Subterror sounds honest. How do you record?
We try to avoid a computerized record. Our preference is to record raw and honest tracks, recording without triggers or replacements. For us these details are important because we care how the sound can appear when someone listens and how we play alive, how someone see our gig. So, we try to make a record similar to our concert. We aren't "instrument players", we are not virtuous guys when we play. We play with the intention of spending what we feel, pain and anger. Just that. At the first two releases, all the instruments were recorded in the studio, but this latest record we just recorded the drums at the studio and the guitar and the bass at a friend's home. Just this last recording we use triggered drums, not so much triggered, and some things replaced. We still enjoy this recording, but we won't do it anymore. We really prefer a natural record.
What was happening in 2009 when you formed the band? What was going on in Brasilia and music?
In 2009 we were still learning many things with the contact with several friends and underground festivals. For example, we learned a lot watching Violator and other bands in Brasilia and in Brasil. The cool thing of this city we live, especially in the period 2000 to 2006 is that the underground has always been a great mix of styles. The town never had a specific scene of punk or metal, everything was always mixed, punk and metal together, with some exceptions, of course.
At that time we listened to crustcore, death metal and grindcore. We had some projects before forming Subterror, but none worked for several unforeseen, so we did a break and after a while we began to think to try something again.
We always liked to live here and enjoy the gigs, but we searched a raw position. A space that doesn't speak only about European problems, North American political, wars and how life could be better if we think positively. We respect those positions, but we don't see the world that way. So, in 2009, we formed Subterror with the proposal to play a raw crust. A kind of song that we always liked. After some time we started to mix metal and crust. Was not a change on purpose, just happened.
How is it recording when you live, for instance, the split in 2013?
We recorded the drums at a studio and the rest of the instruments at a friend's house. We decided to test some possibilities for various reasons, one of which was money. Studios in Brazil are very expensive. The recording process was not very long because there were just 2 songs. We recorded everything in 3 weeks and 2 months to finish the mix and master.
Subterror is based in Brasilia. How is the scene for Subterror there in that city and the rest of Brazil?
The scene is not so big, but we have a strong friendship. We have many cool bands in the city, a scene without divisions. We played with bands of thrash metal, death metal, hardcore and grindcore, and other people. Always with much respect. Everybody together because we don't have a specific crust scene, punk or metal scene. We are a small group of great friends.
Obviously we don’t associate with bands of character sexist, racist, homophobic and so on. We don't play with this kind of bands. We usually play a lot in Brasilia and always is a great experience, playing on punk or metal concerts. About the rest of Brazil, it's interesting because we create mechanisms of interaction with the other states. We played much outside of Brasilia and many bands also play here. It's like a cooperation, not competition. The bands help each other.
How long has Harry been playing guitar?
Harry plays guitar a few years. Well, until now the guitar had not fixed the tone, the way to specify sound. The result was always the sound of the test with the tentative to sound like old death metal style and Discharge. Sometimes we fulfill our goal.
Where can people read the lyrics?
Good question. I think we don’t have the lyrics available on the internet, but that wasn’t a thing on purpose. Soon we’ll put the lyrics on Bandcamp and if possible on Metal Archives. About the lyrics, I write most of them, but the whole band tries to help. If someone doesn't like a lyric or some part, we try to fix.
How would you describe the themes of "Alimentando o abismo" ("Feeding the Abyss"?) or "Funeral"? How would you explain the title "Human Beings Should Have Never Evolved at All!!"?
“Alimentando o abismo” (or Feeding the abyss in English) is about the feeling of nothing – the abyss of nothing, created by the elimination of any support or crumb that life can offer. Ideals of peacefulness, harmony and stuff. Think about how a life would be without meaning, value and truth, false hopes that numb us and alienate the weight of existence, a life that oscillates between boredom and suffering, elation and despair. Without illusions we fell into a kind of abyss of nothingness.
“Funeral” is about a failure that will follow us until the end of our life. Regardless of our choices, all of them have consequences, the question is, how many wouldn't hurt anyone? Imagine the fact that you were born was enough to harm another person. Funeral is about that, a failure as a living being, an inevitable failure.
“Human Beings Should Have Never Evolved at All!” is a sentence from the song "Hands That Mold" of Dystopia, Oakland (USA). We really enjoy this band. The song is about the progress of man and his ability to segregate disaster with this false ideal of progress and peace between us and the world.
I like the fact that I can hear the bass in your music. How long has Luan been doing vocals and playing bass? Luan used to do vocals only, correct?! But now he plays bass, too.
Yes, we started the band with four members, but in 2012 our bass player had to leave the band and Luan took over bass and vocals. In fact, he had never been a singer, he had always played bass. So, I think to play the bass and sing was easier to him. It was nice because he brought some kind of specific way to play the bass and sound, a brutal and heavy way to sound, great for the kind of music that we play.
Do you think that Brazil needs revolution? Is there a type of change that you would like to see? Is all politics nonsense, in your opinion? Do you think there is nothing that can be done about the poverty in Brazil?
It's difficult to use the word "revolution". We have libertarian positions, but we are not anarchists or socialists. At the moment, we think that any attempt to revolution or freedom can create a new prison. Social or individual. At moment we have a critical point in human existence where the subjectivity of the individual is controlled in such an absurd way that is hard to believe that together we can make a considerable change in Brazil or worldwide.
About the poverty, it is possible and an obligation to reduce it, but in the current capitalist system which we live, while this shit continue existing, together with the apparatus of the police, state, church and other forms of oppression, will surely be impossible to refrain from any form of poverty or inequality in Brazil and worldwide.
Do you think that soccer plays the role of a "second religion" in Brazil? To keep the masses entertained so that they do not rebel? Maybe television in general is the "second religion"? It's probably correct in the U.S., too. "Don't worry about politics. Leave it to the 'professionals.' Just watch your tv show and be happy." In the meantime, the corporations and politicians do what they want: steal and exploit and kill.
I agree but I need to say that not only soccer is the responsible for the control here. The media has enormous power over the population, probably bigger than soccer. The Brazilian media is controlled by only one broadcaster, the same which supported the Brazilian dictatorship. The other channels are headed by churches or banks owners. The Brazilian media is fascist and manipulative. They control news and create stereotypes. We don’t know how it works in the USA, but in Brazil we have a big problem with sexist, homophobic and racist programs at most of the channels. Every Saturday you can join your family to watch a comedy and laugh at a joke about rape, about gays or black people. That's horrible and nobody cares.
In fact, that’s really happen. We learn this kind of thing in our whole life, how you say, “Don't worry about politics. Leave it to the ‘professionals’ – the professionals are the media and they want you stay where you born. Born to die in the gutter.
What would you like for listeners of Subterror to do? Do you have t-shirts? Do you update your webpage frequently?
Thank you for interview! Well, we would like to say for listeners of Subterror that each choice carries a guilt, take care with people and with yourself. We're not worthy of anything. Don't be fooled, by false security, we're weak. If you came here thinking that we are a metal band that like to put nude girls in our cd covers or that we accept fascist people sharing the same space with us, probably you will feel better dead. Nazi metal and nazi punks, fuck off! If you are interested in the band, we always update the page on Facebook and there you can check the informations, merch and talk to us. Again, thank you for everything! Subterror/Samuel.

Santa loves the symphonic black metal: FREE MUSIC: Astovidatu (Belgium)

Santa loves the symphonic black metal: FREE MUSIC: Astovidatu (Belgium)
At this time of the year something strange happens: symphonic black metal now sounds like a twisted, horrorific holiday/Xmas music.
I know you don't believe it, but just check out Astovidatu from Belgium for evidence. You can call them "baby Dimmu Borgir" if you want, and why not, there are some similarities, except that this band right here actually sounds like fun, instead of tired midtempo music.
Astovidatu has made all of the recording--49 minutes, mind you--available for free--hey, it's the holidays and they are in a giving mood.
If you like symphonic black metal and you like to hear new bands, and you like FREE, check out this band. It will make your day.