Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Savage Annihilation (France); Unconsecrated (Spain)--reviews

Savage Annihilation (France): Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries  (Kaotoxin Records)
Savage Annihilation’s zombified, low-growl, blasting death metal creates the impression of monotonous and mind-numbingly fast and disgusting sounds. That is only partly true.
Don’t be fooled! They are a talented bunch with a drummer that sounds like an octopus playing drums: blasting and playing in a complex and fun style. The woof-woof growling is way incomprehensible, so everything’s dandy there. The guitar riffs—really low-heavy tuning--are chugging with some squealing pinch harmonics, without any harmonies/melodies, so that is a major chugging sound. The guitar solos add a nice change of pace from the chugging, actually.  www.myspace.com/savageannihilation

Unconsecrated  (Spain): Awakening in the Cemetery Grave
Unconsecrated has mastered the Stockholm-style death metal guitar sound, but it is the songs themselves that make the band a pleasurable listen. The growling, the guitar sound, the drumming and the vibe are all competently solid.
The riffs have a bit of identity, so the songs do sound like separate pieces, and not one big blur.  Basically, Unconsecrated adds a little of spice, licks, and melody to their sound. That is definitely a prominent feature of the band.
FYI, there are 18 tracks here because it is a compilation of EPs and demos. The sound quality is remarkably good and appropriate.  www.myspace.com/unconsecrated

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