Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Revoltiong (Sweden); Shadows in the Crypt (U.S.)-reviews

Revolting  (Sweden): Hyms of Ghastly Horror  (FDA Recotz)
Gore horror movie death metal with lyrics and artwork artwork to show. Revolting’s horror metal has plenty of moments of headbanging good times. They also use melody and memorability in their songs, in addition to the chaos. The style and sound is more Autopsy/Dismember, rather than Krisiun/Origin. The old school feel to the music, regardless of the horror tomfoolery, makes it very easy to enjoy.
Apparently, this is their fourth album since 2009, putting out one every year! Well, well, what we have got here?! An album a year, four years in a row: Revolting is way better than the gore horror image they project. The songs are actually catchy. Surprise, surprise, Revolting rocks!

Shadows in the Crypt  (U.S.): Cryptic Communications  (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
Traditional raw fugly nasty black metal, with a pretty good sound quality (not garage sound!). However, by far, the most important feature is the fact that the songs are distinctive, with effective guitar solos, intense yet creative drumming played at blasting speeds, plus a general strength for songs that take little time or effort to remember or to get into.
This album is way better than this review makes it seem. Listeners into serious black metal will need to look into this. Get ready to have a smile by how good this is.

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