Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dreaming Dead review

Dreaming Dead (U.S.)Midnightmares

Dreaming Dead’s speedy/blasting progressive growl thrash skillfully emphasizes quality, good instrumentation and intelligence. Dreaming Dead illustrates an inclination for bringing together several styles into a coherent identity, while maintaining the intense moments as an integral component. “Into the Depths” is a blasting, speedy number that with one listen impacts. That is also true for “Overlord” and “Corpse Mountain,” pieces in which the headbanging and also the progressive sides are prominent.

The instrumental track “In Memoriam” displays the progressive side. Various shades of their music are evident, the thrashy/energetic side, as well as the proggy guitar element is clear. “Departure” is also another instrumental, a rather mellow ending to the album, where guitarist/vocalist Elizabeth Schall decided to take it easy on the listener.

In all, Dreaming Dead still has their best work ahead of them, for sure. “Midnightmares” is a good second album for them, and one that they apparently released independently, taking matters into their own hands, instead of waiting around for someone else to make it happen. What this band will do is obtain more experience, and become a more dangerous machine! I want to hear it happen. www.dreamingdead.com

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