Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Breed Infection (Iran) interview

Breed Infection  (Iran)
In the U.S., what things are necessary to play death metal of the heaviest brutality and what are some obstacles?: indifference, ridicule, connecting with other metallers, lack of resources and finding channels of activity, and more.
For Breed Infection these questions are very relevant in Iran also, as guitarist H.R. illustrates.
If you think that death metal, and metal in general, is worthwhile music, Breed Infection’s recording “The Maze of the Inaccurate Assumptions” offers much that you should support. Visit www.reverbnation.com/BreedInfection and get in contact with the band: breedinfection@gmail.com
“The Maze of the Inaccurate Assumptions“ is a brutal work. Where did you record it? You have been active since 2010?
H.R: Thank you. Since the sound quality of our work was very important for us, we recorded that in a studio. Yes, we have been working since 2010. At the present time, I'm involved with BI.

How did you start listening to death metal?
For the first time, by one of my friends who gave me a few CDs from Death and Morbid Angel, when I listened to them, I became so astonished and after one week, tracks were repeated over and over.

What do your parents and neighbors think, and where do you rehearse? Do they say, “No one understands what you are saying in the songs!!” By the way, how many languages do you know: Persian, English, Mazandarani/Tabari, too?
We’re practicing in a room we have prepared. We have tried to avoid propagation of sound as much as possible so that we don’t bother anyone. Fortunately, none of the neighbors has complained so far.
Persian and English and of course, Mazandarani isn’t a language, but it’s a type of dialect, like in Texas.

You live in Mazandaran, near the Caspian Sea/Mazandaran Sea.  If you want to see a metal concert, where do you go?
If I want to go, I’ll probably go to Indonesia since it’s the
center of Asian death metal. We’re in Mazandaran, near the Caspian Sea, but there isn’t any club in Iran in which we can have any performance. Furthermore, live performance of metal music is illegal here. Other underground artists may also do live performance in houses or villas, but we don’t do that.

Can you tell us names of other metal bands in Iran? Was there death metal in the 1990s in Iran?
Currently, several good metal bands are working in Iran. You can refer to some of the websites such as ReverbNation and Metal-Archives and listen to their songs or get more information. Yes, the root of death metal in Iran goes back to 90.

The U.S. government has done great damage to the economy of Iran. The U.S. politicians celebrate that they have made life very difficult for people in Iran. They want to humiliate Iran, that’s imperialist aggression and arrogance. In this situation of economic hardship, what kinds of things are possible for Breed Infection in Iran? You know, working people in the U.S. do not want war with Iran. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have made people here think about all these wars and invasions.
Iranian economy is really in a disorganized situation. In the current month, the Iranian Rial's value dropped to the minimum price. Inflation rate has increased to the highest level. The price of products and even foodstuffs has multiplied and is still increasing. People change their deposits into gold and dollars to avoid devaluation of their assets. One of the reasons that we couldn’t record a full-length album was the very bad economic situation.
We hope no war begins between Iran and the U.S., but the final situation will certainly beyond our desire and hope, and it will depend on the politicians.
As you know, metal music in Iran is forbidden and the only thing we can do is fade to underground.

How can people reading this interview contact you?
We appreciate all those who supported us. The orders we received were beyond our expectations but unfortunately we couldn’t accept all of them due to international sanctions. However, we have a good surprise for those who didn’t receive our album.
Thank you for interview, much appreciated.  THE END.

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