Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nocturnal Torment and Southwicked reviews

Nocturnal Torment (U.S.): They Come at Night  (Deathgasm)
Nocturnal Torment works with the heaviest, thickest, fattest sounding guitar work.
It is not particularly easy to hear clearly what the guitars are playing because the sound is so thick and even sludgy. As a result, the band trades in clarity of instrumentation for a huge wall of sound that is as convincing as it is undeniable.
In theory, this sound probably should not function. Not only are the guitars very low, the vocals sound monotonous and also low. The drumming is of the nonstop blasting and frenzy variety.
Here is the thing, though, Nocturnal Torment captures the attention from the beginning and quickly gets the listener caught up in the barrage. Do the songs sort of sound the same? Sort of! There are slight, almost hidden melodies that make the songs different. Nocturnal Torment is so good at what they do, that you’ll growl along in no time.
Nocturnal Torment plays very fast and sounds massively heavy, proving that they can do both very well. A job done well.  Fun. Impressive.

Southwicked  (U.S./Belgium): Death’s Crown  (Abyss Records)
This band has Allen West, who is of course known for his work with Obituary. Do you happen to like Obituary? Those heavy Obituary grooves and an ear-friendly death metal vibe that I am tempted to call rock and roll. But don’t get the wrong idea. These riffs sound like Obituary and certain parts might remind of certain bits in Obituary albums.
The vocals are low, which is different from Obituary’s painful growling, but the overall drumming, the guitar work and the feel says that Allen West is just doing what Allen West is known for. Listen to those Allen West signature guitar solos!
“Give the people what the people want” is the philosophy this band and Allen West. Personally, I can’t get enough of this stuff. Then again, I do like Obituary a whole lot.  

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