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Hemoptysis (U.S.): Misanthropic Slaughter This is a self-release. The name of the band is slightly strange, maybe. The name of the album is a generic metal title, slightly moronic or downright moronic. The artwork—zombies and gore—for the album is stupid and infantile.
Thus, This band does not make a good impression. BUT, and this is a huge but: The music is good.
In this case, people have to overlook the stupid things mentioned already. A song like “Shadow of Death”, which has ‘metal hit’ written all over it, has a shredding, melodic thrash quality. It’s a catchy song, with a very good opening mini-solo and a fun, extended guitar solo that rocks. So, am I saying the music is NOT stupid? Exactly. There’s talent in this band.
It’s not just the guitar solos, though. It’s the way that each song revolves around the almighty riff for creating headbanging music. The band is in the category of thrash. The shrieked vocals and the extended guitar soloing round out the features of the band. The energetic drumming fits the music really well.
“The Cycle” is a thrash attack, “Hopeless” is festival of riffs, “Impending Doom” is a call to get off your glutes and start moving, “Blood Storm” blends thrash, melodic black metal and great guitar solos.
On the other hand, if a listener does not like thrash, I doubt they would like this band, why, with the all thrashing going on here and whatnot. Hemoptysis should reconsider their image, though. People judge a book by the cover. And the cover of this book is less than hot. After all, it is possible that not everyone listening to this music is a 13-year-old kid obsessed with zombies, vampires and gore.

fascist black metal and Greece

Blabbermouth recently ran a news story about a black metal bassist in a Greek band that got elected to the Greek parliament. He is from the fascist black metal band Naer Mataron and he was making racist declarations, against immigrants., which just ran interview with black metallers Erevos (pictured here) from Greece, wanted to get Erevos’ views on the relation between racism and black metal.
Fuglymaniacs asked: What do you think about this admiration of fascist dictators, like Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, and others?
Is there a scene of fascist black metal bands and fans, that promotes hatred and murder of foreigners, and Jewish people?
In Greece there are fascist political parties. Some people are voting for them. Who is voting for fascism? What do you think about all this?
Erevos vocalist Growler responded, saying:
There were rumors about Naer Mataron and their beliefs. There have been many incidents at their live shows in the past. It is true now that their bassist, Kaiadas, is in the parliament and he belongs in the Golden Dawn’s party…
They don’t admit, officially in our media, that they admire those persons, but all of us who we remember Golden Dawn before the elections; we know their extreme ideology. Particularly, they were against immigrants (illegal or not). Now we know that they are against homosexuals, religions (everything but Orthodoxies and the Ancient Greek Religion) and everyone who has avoided the mandatory army.
The NS black metal scene is not only in Greece, it is everywhere. They have a certain group of fans, but this group is limited. The real problem in those bands is that they concentrate more on the ideology than the music. For us, every genre of metal is about MUSIC, not political ideologies!
As we said before there is the NS black metal scene, which promotes those ideas but it doesn’t locate only in Greece. In fact, the whole thing started from Norway, we think.
There are no serious fascist parties; the only extreme group is golden dawn. There is a big problem with illegal immigrants in Greece and especially in Athens, because the governments until now couldn’t do anything to protect their citizens. In contrary, they wanted those immigrants for their votes, without caring for the quality of life, neither for immigrants nor for locals. As a result, the citizens got angry from all those exhausted and irrational measures and naturally turned against the different, so they voted an extremist group just to avenge the politicians. So we believe that this was a desperate movement from the Greek people. Greeks are not fascist, they invented Democracy!
Racism, sexism, nationalism, fascism belong to the past. They are ideologies which must be vanished, because they are keeping humanity back, although there are still sexist residues in the Mediterranean countries. www.fuglymaniacs .com

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lelahell (Algeria): the stubborn will to play metal!!

Lelahell (Algeria) In this short interview Lelahell gives a brief history lesson about metal in Algeria and for that alone, it makes an interesting read.
Actually, here we learn about the circumstances in which the band plays death metal.
The history behind the band, its motivation to keep going fuels their passion for making metal music. Death metal is in some ways an ugly, violent art form that turns off a lot of people from the moment they hear the growling.
“This is just stupid”, some people say. Lelahell has had to deal with a lot of that, and more.
Nevertheless, here is Lelahell and they have recorded music that you should definitely check out! The name of their most recent recording is “Al Intihar.” The contact information is given at the end of the interview. ---
What’s happening with Lelahell? You are based in Algiers, correct? Have you played shows there?
Lelahell is an Algerian death metal band formed by me (Lelahel) in 2011, started first as a one-man band. In January 2012 Nihil (bass) and Slaveblaster (drums) from Barbaros joined the Lelahell’s team. Yes, we are from Algiers and we haven’t made gigs yet but it is in our plans. We are rehearsing every week, and when we’ll be ready we’ll start to invade the metal scene!
Tell us about the song “Emperor“: what are the lyrics about?
It’s about the emperor Nero, and his 14 years of reign. The history repeats itself, right? It’s the most brutal track of this Ep and the new ones have the same brutality! I think that it is the song that represents the future sound of Lelahell. How did they idea for the song “Hermanos” come to be? I don’t know if the lyrics are in Spanish. This song has a nice, catchy guitar solo. Who does the guitar solo? A story of friends who are at the beginning like blood brothers, but as life goes, well, things change...Yes some lyrics are in Spanish, I just only know few words in Spanish the idea is to use one foreign language in each release of Lelahell, maybe we’ll use Italian or Portugese in our next release. Thanks for the compliment, I made the solo it is melodic but will Lelahell will not go in this direction in the future; we’ll be less melodic and more brutal!
Are any of your songs in Arabic? Are there metal bands in Algeria with lyrics in Arabic?
Most of our songs are half in English and the second half in Arabic. The bands here don’t want to use too much Arabic because they think that it doesn’t sound metal! But I don’t agree with that opinion because there are some letters in Arabic that are really suited for metal! We are the first generation of the extreme metal bands in Arabic countries and we used Arabic in my old band called Litham, it was so strange for the audience to hear metal with Arabic!
What does “Al Ihtiqar” mean? That song is heavy, like some of the heaviest death metal you have done. At the same time, it’s only a bit more than 2 minutes long. Why is this song so short compared to your other ones that are 5-8 minutes long?
Al ihtiqar means “The despise” it is very slow tempo death metal song and very short. Contains Just few words and some riffs to describe despise because it don’t need more! Try to listen to it; it is impossible to add more riffs everything concerning despise is present here!
How is metal music viewed by your family? When you walk in the streets with an Iron Maiden or Morbid Angel shirt, do people think you are crazy?
It’s been more than twenty years that I’m into metal music, so they don’t have any choice than to support me and support metal! Lol And when I walk on the street the people don’t pay attention to my shirts because they simply don’t understand what it is!
How did you all get into metal music? When were the first metal bands in Algeria formed? Were there metal bands in the 80s? Did some bands start in the 90s?
Everything began in the early 90’s (1992) when I met Salim, who was a singer in a heavy speed metal band called Rascass (Rascass was formed in 1992). We had the same passion for death metal, so we rehearsed together to from a band, but it never happened. Some months after, I was contacted by a friend Mehdi (who was a drummer) to play bass in Neanderthalia. Neanderthalia was a typical 90’s sounding band formed by Samir. He was searching for musicians to complete the lineup of the band. After that we were searching for a second guitarist and we found Yacine who was a student in the same university that I studied. This was the first complete line up of Neanderthalia. In 1995 Sabri joined the band as drummer (Mehdi was replaced by Kamel, and Sabri replaced him) and recorded a 3-track demo. After that we had many problems of communications with Samir the front man of the band, so we decided to leave the band and form Litham in July 1996. There was hard rock bands in the 80’s most of them where only cover bands, I heard about Khindjar and Ouechma, but never had chance to see them live.
What do you have planned for 2012 and 2013? Is there a possibility of Lelahell playing shows in other parts of Africa, like Egypt? What about Spain and France?
First we are planning to release a full length, and after we’ll make a lot of gigs all around the globe to spread the music of Lelahell! After that another full length and more concerts and after a third full length and more concerts ….. Yes, I have many contacts in all around the world so just wait and see!
“Into the Past” has some black metal and death metal vocals. Is that the same person doing vocals? This song is good for headbanging!
I’m doing all the vocal in this Ep. Into the past reminds us all the evil mankind has done throughout its existence: destruction, murder, lies, disasters, etc. ...and we continue to do it. The music is blackened thrash with local melodies, the main riff is catchy, and as you said for headbanging!
What is the best way to contact you or get shirts?
We haven’t made shirts yet, but maybe after the first album we’ll make some merchandising!
If you want to contact us by email:, myspace:
facebook : THE END.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Revel in Flesh (Germany)

Revel in Flesh (Germany): Deathevokation 1. The name of the band is Revel in Flesh.
That is the name of the third song on the album, “The Left Hand Path” by Entombed in 1990, the frontrunner in the Stockholm style of death metal, with the Sunlight Studio production, featuring the buzzsaw guitar sound.
2. The name of this album is called “Deathevokation”.
“Death Evocation” is the name of a song by Dismember, the number 2 band of the Stockholm style of death metal, with the Sunlight Studio production and guitar sound. (Carnage recorded the same song in 1990 on the album “Dark Recollections” also in Sunlight Studio. The big difference between Carnage and Dismember was that guitarist Michael Amott [Arch Enemy] was in Carnage, but not in Dismember.)
Therefore, this band Revel in Flesh is nothing but that style of death metal. Revel in Flesh have basically made a pledge, with their name and the name of the album, that they will not disappoint you. You want Stockholm style death metal? You got it.
“Black Paled Elegy” is pretty much a flawless song and is a standout track. The guitar solo on this one is just easy to remember and to like. “Bloodfeast” wastes no time and just invites you to bang your head. “Shadowbreeder” is one heavy and uptempo monster.
Well, you get the idea. Check this out if you can’t get enough of the death metal style of early Entombed, Dismember/Carnage, Unleashed and Grave.

Insecticide performing live

Check out this video of thrashers Insecticide rocking out in Houston!!

Check out for underground metal videos and reviews and interviews

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Erevos (Greece)

Erevos (Greece) In this interview the band explains a bit about their album “Descensus Ad Inferos,” a well-rounded black metal album that incorporates death metal and symphonic elements. Basically, it’s about grimness and brutality and majesty all wrapped in one, in varying degrees…and it’s so easy to enjoy!! Immediate impact. In Growler’s view, the life of a black metal band under less than ideal circumstances requires a particular stubbornness. However, Erevos makes the most out of what they have, and you only have to hear “Descensus Ad Inferos” to appreciate their work in the name of metal. Erevos is no band of amateurs. Their album has songs that bring together a lot under black metal. There’s no way to do all that without the benefit of experience and knowledge.
-- “Descensus Ad Inferos” is actually your first album, correct? But the band has other recordings, even from 2005, your demo “Burning Souls.” Your album “Descensus Ad Inferos” is definitely a black metal attack. What is the situation for the band in Greece now?
Hello! Thank you for the interview! “Descensus Ad Inferos” is indeed the first album of Erevos. We also have 2 other demo releases, 1 split, 1 compilation and the EP “Adou Katavasis”. Right now, we are preparing for another split release with a band from Sweden (we will announce the band soon). Everybody in the band is ok, but the economic situation in Greece is awful!
You are based in Thessaloniki? Is there a good metal scene for playing shows there?
Yes, we are from Thessaloniki. The scene is great! We have many good bands especially in death and thrash metal fields. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options to choose a live stage to perform here. Also the promotion is poor in general in Greece. We have played many times in Athens and out from our town. Also we have performed in Bulgaria and France so far.
Erevos is black metal, but there are also death metal vocals and that adds a cool variety. Is Growler doing the low, gruff death metal vocals, too? Do you have any computer programs for the vocals, like during the chorus? Is it totally natural, without changing the vocals with a program?
Yes, Growler performs every type of vocals and he doesn’t use any kind of programs for the voice. The vocals are completely natural. Only in ‘Possessed by the Moon’, Dan Swano added some kind of effect in the song’s part.
“Possessed by the Moon (of the Underworld)” shows the symphonic side of Erevos, as well as the blasting speed and both black and death metal vocals. This is one of your older songs. How has the song changed from the early days? It sounds good!
Thank you! The song was first recorded back in 2006 and has been added on “Mythological Evil” demo. The production and the performance weren’t so clean and well presented. In the new recordings we have changed the keyboards and their sound and the production is way better.
“Grotesque Blasphemy” is subtitled “Slaughter Pt. 1.” Tell us the story of this song and what can we expect for part 2?
Well this is a song that isn’t connected with the other songs from the album. The whole album is a concept, a little story, but Grotesque Blasphemy is like a bonus track. It is the song that we play in the end of our shows and the crowd usually goes crazy, due to its aggressiveness. We never published the lyrics for this song and we never will! There will be the second part on the next full-length album and it is gonna be a thrashing hell of a song!
Is vocalist/bassist Growler the only person from the early days? Who writes the songs? Metal Archives says that actually your “previous” keyboardist Princess of Darkness is Tisiphoni, your current keyboardist. Is this true?
Tisiphoni is also in the band from the early days, named as “princess of darkness”. Yes, Growler writes the lyrics and the basic melody of the songs and Tisiphoni writes the keys and does the instrumentation. All the other members add their personal style. The first nickname [“princes of darkness”] was taken under pressure, so we changed it.
So, Tisiphoni definitely has experience with the keyboards for a long time in Erevos?
Yes, she does! Though we had many criticisms for keys in the beginning, Tisiphoni gives a characteristic style in the songs and dares to put keyboards in parts which most people could consider difficult to fit.
Recently, in Greece a lot young people, students and workers are protesting against the government. Your lyrics are not about politics, of course. But do you think that Greece is in an economic crisis that will become worse? Are you all students?
Most of us are students and we are looking for a job in order to support the band, too. The situation is beyond worst! Everyone is looking for a foreign country to live in. The things will get tougher for sure!
How do these things affect the band, if you have less money?
It is nearly impossible to find a decent job, even if some of us have university degrees. Of course, this situation affects Erevos, due to the lack of money. But even if we had money it wouldn’t have any difference due to the lack of promotion and mentality of people here. If you want to succeed you have to get out from Greece, unfortunately! (With or without economic crisis).
Tell us your future plans. Are you receiving more interest since the album? What can people do to support your band?
Oh, yes! Dan Swano helped on that, too! We also cooperate with Clawhammer promotions from USA, which does excellent job worldwide. We received tons of good reviews and we came in contact with important people mostly from big bands. Our plan is to find an agency and perform shows abroad. A European tour would be excellent! We already had some propositions in order to play in US, but the travel costs are too high! Right now we are composing new songs for our second album and preparing the split release. People can support us by leaving comments on the social networks and of course come to our live shows and buy our cd and merchandise through us by e-mail.
Take care and good luck in the future.
Thank you my friend, from Growler and Tisiphoni! Continue your good work! You can contact us and find info’s about us on: THE END.

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Skeletonwitch (U.S.)

Skeletonwitch (U.S.): Forever Abomination (Prosthetic)
Skeletonwitch’s take on thrash has a little bit of a different angle, which is a plus for them. First, the use of some black metal guitar work here and there adds an element of variety to the thrash riffing and makes each song stand out a bit more. Just as important, and probably a bit more so, is the band’s use of black metal shrieked vocals. It adds a different feeling from the yelling of hardcore and thrash bands, like Municipal Waste, Lich King, Gamma Bomb, and New York hardcore bands. Of interest is also the fact that Skeletonwitch’s approach makes them accessible to the ear, despite the black metal vocals and “extreme metal” tag. The clarity of the guitar work, and the general memorability makes them a lot more “rocking” than you would expect. For example, heaviness and brutality are not the number one objective, but rather songs that thrash and that you can remember. The 32 minutes demonstrate very little to complain about, and lots to enjoy. Given that, personally, I usually get bored with “pure” thrash bands, I found Skeletonwitch “impure” thrash to be a cool listen and one that I have heard lots of times and it seems to get better every time. My only gripe with the album is that it is too clicky and a bit too perfect. The drums sound needs a bit more power, I think. Anyway, don’t dismiss Skeletonwitch as a just another thrash band.

Shroud of Despondency (U.S.)

Shroud of Despondency (U.S.): Pine
About 58 minutes of black metal prog doom post black metal folk. Shroud of Despondency is trippy and no category limits the prog doom black folk depressive aggressive space rock nature of the music. Shroud of Despondency makes Opeth look like a bunch of narrow-minded uptight people… and make Motorhead and Slayer appear as unimaginative, one-way, assembly-line totalitarian bureaucratic absolutism of robotic production of carbon copy unmusic. “Light Words, Dark Graves” (4:31) is raw black metal for 3 minutes and 20 seconds, then the last minute is a spoken word with a piano piece that ends with a cartoonish voice. What? What’s the deal with this spoken-word bit? “The Great Sadness Descends” (5:27) is the definition of doom. It is slow and craws at the speed of a turtle. The band rides out the main melody for a long time. You would have never known that you can play the same melody for this long and make it work. This band just did it. “Half Open Gates” (8:58) is a good example of the different things the band does. This track is, to a large degree, an obvious case of black metal. Yet, it would be incorrect to see it that way because the folky, melodic elements create a doom atmosphere that takes over the song, so that between beginning and end something takes place and it takes about nine minutes to achieve the transition. Hence the song! “Nameless End” (5:15) starts off as a slow cave-recorded black metal that speeds up by 1:45 and continues as an intense, raw song until 4:00, when it slows down and just jams. “Wanderlust (Lightning Precedes Fire)” (2:27) is a keyboard, space music piece, that has the last 45 seconds of coughing and growling. What just happened here? Does someone need medication? That cough sounds awful. Call 911. “The Unchaining of an Animal” (6:27) begins with acoustic guitar and folky singing, like stereotypical hippies singing in the woods…wow, and they actually kept the whole song this way until the end. I was expecting them to bust out with some dogs barking or sounds of vomiting. But no. Just folk. Voilá, y’all!! Perfect music to play for the good times in life, to party and live it up…in the insane asylum. Shroud of Despondency is loco in the coco in Wisconsin.