Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mass in Comatose (Estonia)

Mass in Comatose (Estonia): Sempiternal Nightmare Industry (Wasteland)
Five songs (23 minutes) of total death metal brutality. Mass in Comatose’s sound has elements of classic death metal music, which they celebrate by making their own brutal songs.
Of course, right now, as always, there are particular trends, be it bands with doing clean/growl singing or be it thrash, but Mass in Comatose just sounds oblivious to that stuff, as the sheer death attack of “Undead Terror of Dominance” demonstrates.
This is not melodic and you would have to search far and wide to find anything “catchy” to hang on to. The band relies on big, fat death metal riffs, speedy and blasting drumming and death metal vocals, like in “Chemical Lobotomy.” Heaviness and sickness is the deal.
Mainly, it is the energy. It is the overall feeling. They want to keep it heavy, keep it low, and keep it friendly towards headbanging and moshing or any type of physical movement on the part of the listener, such as with “Indoctrination.” Heavy riffs that call on the listener to move that neck and those elbows.
If you like death metal, this is very comforting. There’s no funny or stupid joking around, just heaviness. There’s a comfort in the music of a bunch death metal maniacs seeking to find their way to their own creation of the craft that they love.

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