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Exile (Jordan)

Exile (Jordan)
With their four-song recording called Dead Thrashers Rising the band Exile are furthering their metal campaign in the Middle East. As Nader (vocals/guitars) describes here, it takes dedication to walk this path in particular.
“Ignorant Is What You Are” is a very bang-bang total thrashing number: it’s all about putting the right energy to work. Next, “Dead Thrashers Rising” speeds up a bit, sounding mean, with more intense drumming. This song goes for power. Wait, “Killing Storm” is another scorcher! Guitar solo, energetic drumming, catchy, and just what the doctor of moshing orders. Next, “Living Hell” is the last one: also an uptempo, street-metal energy number.
The sound quality on here is certainly adequate for this style of music. Now thrashers, hear this band; they are doing their best to win people over. Who argue with that?!
Hello! How long have you existed as a band?!
Hi, first of all we'd like to thank you for this interview and for your hard work :)
We, Exile formed back in 2008 when I (Nader) and Hassan started to think about playing thrash covers, but we never did that hehehe because I already had a couple of songs ready to be played as a band so we met Tayyem (the drummer ) and the band was formed :)
As for the recording, we recorded half of the songs in Tayyem's basement and the other half in his balcony, and we have a friend who knows about sound editing and stuff, so he recorded the songs, his name is Ala'a Hamdan (Symphoqueen Productions). It was hard because we used simple equipment; however, we gained a lot of experience and we hope to make a better quality in the next album that we are working on.

How did “Ignorant Is What You Are” originate?
Well, I used to watch T.V., and I realized that everything is a lie from the news to the cartoons hehe, really!!!! And what inspired me the most were the news and the silly American series and shows that flow on your screen at home everyday (I prefer not to mention names).

Is “Dead Thrashers Rising” your metal declaration? What of “Killing Storm” and “Living Hell”!!
Heheheh.... actually it’s a funny story, you know when you live in a normal society you will see many different personalities, but here in Jordan, 99% of the society are the same... uffff. So when I was at class in college, I can’t remember what happened exactly, but what I remember that I was mad at the idea that I am kinda strange among my classmates and they were looking at me like I was a barbarian or a caveman. So I started to write the lyrics hehehehehehehe, and no.... I don’t see metal like that, metal music is something that I can’t describe, it gives you strength, and makes you think about what's going on around you, in short words, it makes you free :)
“Killing Storm,” it’s about a part of the war in Gaza (Palestine), when Israeli Army attacked Gaza with phosphorus bombs which are internationally illegal.
“About Living Hell.” It's about pollution in general in the whole world and how we get out of control because of the massive destructive industries and how it ruined our lives and the generations after.

How long has Tayyem been drumming? And Hassan, bass? Does Nader write the songs with Tayyem and Hassan?
Tayyem has been playing drums for 5 years now. He is a skillful drummer, and he's doing very well in the band. Hassan has been playing bass for three years now, but he left the band due to his work in Kuwait, and we found a good replacement (Ibrahim) who fits the band greatly. Well, mainly I write and make the riffs, but when we are in the rehearsal room we compose the songs together as a band. Everyone has his own influences and his own touch, and we all know that Exile's songs have to be fast, aggressive and thrash :)

Are all your lyrics in English. Will you ever have lyrics in Arabic?
Yes, of course they are all in English, because metal music is a global culture, and we want our songs to be heard and spread, and I don’t think we will make a song in Arabic, I never thought about that, but I don’t think so.

How is the metal scene in Amman and in Jordan in general?
I feel sad when someone asks me this question, the metal scene is FUCKED UP in Jordan, there is no live shows because it is prohibited by the government, they still think that metal music is a devilish, outer and weird music. So we rarely play live shows (once a year if we were lucky!!), as for Exile, we have never played a gig in Jordan!!

What are some other metal bands in Amman and Jordan?
As I mentioned above there are no shows :- ( ; and here in Jordan there are bands, most of them they call themselves bands, but actually they are not, and a few bands are really good such as Dragonrider (heavy/power) and Tyrant Throne (death metal).

What do your parents think of your music?
Well, they don’t consider it music they think it’s all about screaming and devil worshiping because we live in a reserved closed (in his own way) society that have their own culture and traditions, they don't accept anything bizarre.

Were there metal bands in the 1990s in Jordan? in the 1980s?
There were a band called Mega Power in the 80's and Virgin Killer and X in the 90's.

What are your goals for the long term?
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa we will not stop!! We will keep thrashing your asses out, fast speed aggressive old school riffs songs will never die! Back to sanity hehehehe, well I hope that we will continue. In fact, we are working on a full-length album, contains 9 tracks, 4 songs are all ready done and five left :). We don’t know what the future holds. All I can say that we will stay true and metal;
and we'd like to thank you again for this interview and your interest, and we thank all our fans and who support us. Cheers and beers.
Exile THE END.

R.C.E. [Rotten Cadaveric Execration] (Brazil)

R.C.E. [Rotten Cadaveric Execration] (Brazil)
What is RCE?
Answer: Of the fastest possible human-made drumming, with a drummer that is a total spazzoid monster; ridiculous zombie vocals and the guitar sound for a rude awakening; short songs, total energy, single-purpose, blast! 1, 2, 3, go!
It’s impossible not to like this! The sound quality is solid and the tunes are perfect for when you check yourself into the institution where the evil people wear the white coats and force you to take medication that you know you don’t need because you are doing alright and it’s everyone else that needs help, not you.
RCE, there is an institution for you!
“Execrate” is the name of one of their recordings. They have also done a split album, but that’s what this interview is about anyway. And look out for crazy Brazilians playing grind: they will be revenged!
RCE is: Renato (drummering), Diego (guitarring) and the grind freak named Caio (growlering and screamering). This Caio fellow is the low-life answering these stupid questions.

I have been listening to your disgustingly gross music and you sickos need some therapy. What more degenerate grind will you be vomiting?
What's up! It's a pleasure to answer this interview for the Metal Bulletin! Ha ha! We need therapy! Well, for the rest of 2010 we have a couple of plans, maybe another split and we intent to release a live recording, too!

What if you screamed “woof, ugh, aaargh!” for every song and not say any real lyrics?
Actually, someone has asked me to SPEAK the lyrics of the songs once, but that simply goes against the idea behind the band which is being the most gruesome and sick thing we can manage to. Many bands do not use lyrics in their songs, and that's ok with me, but I have some ideas and concepts and like to write about those. Maybe when I run out of inspiration I'll just growl senseless noises, which would also be fine with us. We actually have a couple of lyricless songs. “Cock Splatter Roach Fuck,” “SxExPxExTx” and “Extreme Cancerous Manifestations” are just screams, squeals and grunts!

Where does a grind band like yourselves record your music?
We recorded both the demo and our side of the split with the same guy. His name is Sidinei and he is an old timer in metal and the underground scene and also works as a sound engineer for local concerts and a couple of recordings. We found out about him when my former band, Escarnium, recorded it's demo there. I thought the quality of it was damn fine and we decided to tag with him. I think the result was great! we did it all in just one day. Recording and mixing. Starting early in the morning and after litters of black coffee we had it done by the end of the day. We recorded the demo in November and the split was similar, but in the end of December.

What is “Demented Violent Reprisal”?
Funny you should ask. This is my favorite song and it was written by Diego. The lyrics are a story apart. I was inspired to write it when an experience I had with LSD went terribly wrong because of a whore decided she wouldn’t give me peace. So the lyrics are about me fantasizing brutally killing her while under the effects of the hallucinogen.

What’s “Extreme Cancerous Manifestations”?! It’s 23 seconds!
That song is one of my favorites. It starts out with a shout that punched me in the face when I first heard the final mix. After that is just a few seconds of relentless violence. No lyrics, straight forward drumming and simple riffing! Grind as fuck!

“Among Dead Bodies I Lay” is your “epic” song of 2 minutes and 36 seconds. Is this one of your more recent, longer songs?
Actually, quite the contrary, it was the first song ever written by the band! but it was written by a former member along with “Trauma Induced Amputation,” less influenced by grindcore and with a more noticeable death metal/slam approach. All the songs after he left the band have some extra grind and a pinch of slam!

What do you think about writing a song that is ten minutes of nothing but blasting grind, like your song “Moans, Retch and Disgust,” BUT for ten minutes, as a plan to kill your drummer?! Then it wouldn’t be murder, it’d art. Genius!
I think Renato would simply implode, although, the one concert we played lasted exactly 21 minutes with no breaks! He was dripping with sweat but he resisted! hahaha! I don't think that we would ever write any song much longer than the ones we have already, we like our stuff simple and short, (and now I quote Dave Rotten from mighty Avulsed when referring to their song Sick, Sick Sex) "no guitar solos, no melody, only brutal shit!" and I think brutal is fast and it comes without notice and goes the same way!

Do you foresee that in the future you would do different style of lyrics, like Nasum or Napalm Death?
Well, I'm neither saying we will change the concept of the band, nor denying the possibility. Who knows what might happen to us in the future. Of course, Nasum and Napalm Death are great influences to us, lyricwise and songwise too, but there are many people in Brazil and abroad talking about the shit that's going on: the financial crisis, the economic breakdown of European countries, the injustices in Brazil and throughout South America, political and religious corruption...I don't thing they need three more assholes like us to spread the news! But if the ones who listen to our shit do not know about what's going on in this shithole, then I won't be the one to give the bad news! they wouldn't understand the political contents of the lyrics I'd sing anyway! hahahahaha!

What is the cover for the Execrate ep? Is that a real picture of a cadaver?
Well, in fact I do not know, since the artwork was made by Nestor, Escarnium's drummer and designer. What I wanted was something simple, nothing TOO graphic, no guts, no bodily fluids... just a rotting dead body abandoned, execrated. I do not want to shock people with a picture, but with our music! And what I think when I see that image, is that someone who does not know the band, will listen to it unaware of what's to come... and hopefully be blasted away by our shit!

Did Brazil get eliminated from the soccer world cup because they wore blue instead of yellow jerseys in the game against Holland?
Some people have talked about a curse surrounding the blue or secondary shirt, because apparently some of the favorites to the championship have been eliminated while wearing it... Of course this is just a joke, and everybody in Brazil knew we would not get the title, cause the selection of players was shitty, the tactics were shitty and the once great Brazilian soccer selection was playing poor, uninspired, boring and lazy matches. So we deserved to be disqualified! hopefully the administration of the team will learn to hire good coaches that actually trains the team to ATTACK and DEFEND! That's a worthy lesson!

What is your favorite Brazilian movie for the year 2010?
Since I have been living in the US for a while now, I haven't heard about any Brazilian movies made in 2010. Of course, some were made, but we don't get to know about them in the US, unless they are of great impact and somewhat successful. I don't have a 2010 favorite, in fact the kind of movie I like, is rarely made in Brazil. I like movies from the European continent, intelligent dramas and tragicomedies. Not much into action movies, disgusted by chick flicks and teenage romances (death to Twilight!)... Since I study psychology and my schedule is tight (at least when I'm in Brazil), I don't have much time to watch blockbusters, so I stick to movies with real dialogs that actually have some meaning and can be used in my studies and assignments.

What are your plans for the rest of 2010 and 2011? Caio, how has your experience of living in the U.S. for some months in 2010?
As said before, we have a 3-way split planed with Into the Corpse and PNH from São Paulo, hopefully that will be ready this year, and maybe a live recording, since I'm a fan of raw, unmixed bootlegs! As for 2011, we just might record another demo/ep or maybe even something bigger, depending of what comes to us, so we will remain promoting our stuff (our EP can be downloaded in our MySpace profile), playing gigs and recording whenever we can afford it. Well, living in Houston surely influenced me. I got to actually see some nice bands that I heard about when I was in Brazil. Some big bands and some underground, old school, one-two-three grindcore and punk shit, it made me appreciate even more this shit that I'm knee deep in! Thanks for the interest in our stuff and the opportunity to talk about it! that's true underground thinking! Cheers from Salvador/Houston! THE END.

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Wan (Sweden)

Wan (Sweden)
Their album Wolves of the North is black metal allegiance: vocals entrenched in grimness, razor guitar tone and austerity of sound.
It’s red corpsepaint, spikes, bulletbelts, tattooes and winter obsessions. And lots of wolves.
Wan’s is no acolyte praxis, either. In more than 35 minutes of music, the album blasts the tank division black metal frequently, so there’s plenty of speed; there are variations within the overall structures, some midpaced moments where riffs go for more than speed, such as mood, a certain feel, giving the song (and listener) some room to absorb; there are some moments of memorability, as opposed to sounding like one big blur.
The wolves of the north are: Aganaroth (guitars), Isengrim (bass), and Tsjud (vocals), who answers the questions here.

Hello, what is going on with Wolves of the North?
Hello! Well, our album was released a couple months ago so we’re doing our best to promote it in every possible way. We hope and believe that black metalers all over the world will enjoy our filthy tunes.

Do you all three live in Eskilstuna? Is there a scene?
Only Isengrim lives in Eskilstuna now. However, we’ve all lived there once upon a time and I will most likely return soon. The city is rather dead when it comes to live possibilities and radio time and such things. But the scene is quite big anyway. We hang out with a bunch of friends that are involved in bands such as Tyrant, The Black, Arcana, Shining, Crypt of Kerberos, and more...

Aganaroth, are you the only person who plays guitar in Wan?
Well, I’ll have to speak on behalf of Aganaroth here. He’s the only one who plays guitar in Wan. We want to keep all things old school and therefore we reject the thought of twin guitars. We all go way back as friends and band mates. In Wan it’s Aganaroth and Isengrim who compose all the music. Personally I just contribute with suggestions, ideas and smart remarks.
Aganaroth have earlier been involved in Exanthema, Tears of Grief and today also have Inside Scars, Sapfhier and Angellust besides Wan. Isengrim have been involved in Exanthema, Tears of Grief, Atra Filia and today have Misery MMIX, Fornborg and The True Badours besides Wan. I have been in Ara Sepulcri, Satans Penguins, Atra Filia and today have The True Badours on the side. I also write lyrics for the last one mentioned, Fornborg, Inside Scars and guest lyrics for some other bands every now and then.

Do you remember how the music for “Rise of the Antichrist” was written? What is the story behind “13 Sons of the Devil”? And “Wargoat”?! !
Musically all songs on the album were spontaneously written and composed as we recorded the shit in the studio. "13 sons of the Devil" was originally called just "Sons of the Devil" but since it actually was the 13th song we made Aganaroth suggested we’d change the title. "Wargoat" is simply a song of praise to Baphomet.

Are lyrics written before the music?! Do you drink when you write?
I write all the lyrics and they are all written before the music is made. At very few occasions there will be a minor change to make the words fit to the music. But generally Aganaroth and Isengrim manage to create riffs that just fit my words like a condom! I write lyrics whenever the inspiration strikes and the words starts bubbling in my head. This can be on the subway, in the sofa, in the forest, at work, on the crapper or basically anywhere. I never write when I drink. That always ends up with some really shitty words. Besides, when I drink I like to enjoy it with friends.

You have lyrics in Swedish and English. Can you say what the following song titles mean? “Med Stormsteg Mot Döden,” “Hädanfärd,” and “Ulvhäll”? Is aggression and antireligion the main feelings? Do your lyrics avoid political positions?I
You’re quite right. The overall expression in our music and lyrics is about aggression, hate, antichristianity and death. I fucking detest politics as well as every politician so that´s a subject that never will be brought into Wan. "Med stormsteg mot döden" means ‘by leaps and bounds towards death’ and of course it’s the christians I’m singing about. "Hädanfärd" means ‘passing/demise’ and "Ulvhäll" is more or less impossible to translate so I just say that it includes wolves. Some other of our swedish titles translates into ‘dead christian man’ and ‘cravings of the rage’.

Did you use a drum machine? A
Yes, we used drum machine on the album. Every living bastard have an opinion about that, and so do we, so keep your opinion to yourselves and fuck off!! We use it for the convenience since we don’t have a breathing drummer. Of course, this is not our optimal choice and on our next release I assure you all that it will be real drums recorded. Our old (very old! haha..) friend Immansuetus (previously in Loss, Mental Crypt, Xul) is intended for the job. And we actually recorded a Shining cover recently, on which we recorded live drums. This masterpiece will appear on a future Shining tribute album that will be released by Avantgarde Music.

For the record, what does WAN mean? What is Abyss Records?
I’m surprised that so much people ask what our band name means? It’s just a regular word in the English language and it means pale/gloomy, which fits perfectly to our concept, our minds and our appearance. Abyss Records is an American label located in Indianapolis and the label have been around for quite a few years and possesses a handful of hard releases from great bands.

Do you go to the Vilsta naturreservat? What is it like in the winter?
How do you know about Vilsta?? In fact, a young woman was murdered there not long ago. Regardless it’s a nice forest area and we go out there occasionally and make a camp fire, drink beer and enjoy ourselves in the darkened landscapes.

Stay in contact!
Thanks a lot for giving a fuck about Wan! I suggest that whoever read this go buy our album and get their minds raped by our devastating old school metal! Cheers!! THE END.

Setherial (Sweden)

Setherial (Sweden): Ekpyrosis (Regain Records)
Their plan of action is:
1. Maintain the grim black metal vocals necro, raw and painful.
2. Maintain the guitar tone, sound and style as traditional black metal.
3. Maintain the overall sound of the band in the black metal totality.
4. Now that the foundation has been established, use that base for songs in different directions, moods and speeds, without such rules as, “All the songs have to be 100 percent blasting all the time,” “There will be no guitar solos,” “There will be no melody,” etc.

The first listen will give the feeling that more than a few spings are necessary to figure out the twists and turns. Basically, the first listen shows this is black metal with the values of raw/necro but with an upfront production. Later on, the songs will make more sense.
Firebreathing necro black metal with a good sound, prog, technical, guitar solos, tremolo riffing like there’s no tomorrow, blasting, throat-killing vocals, catchiness, headbangingness; midpaced and frenzied and ridiculously aggressive, fist-in-the-air, air guitar moments, and a little of bit of melody: it’s all here. All the songs are strong and there is never anything like filler moments; any one of these eight songs (some 44 minutes of music) is an example of this album. Just don’t expect a one-dimensional work in which each song sounds the same as the previous one because they are trying to prove how “fast” they are or how “true” they are or whatever. They know what they are doing and do it well: good songwriting.

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High on Fire (U.S.): Snakes for the Divine

High on Fire (U.S.): Snakes for the Divine (E1 Music)“Snakes for the Divine,” “Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter,” “Frost Hammer,” “Fire, Flood & Plague,” and “Ghost Neck” all have an energetic, rocking, (frequent) double-bass drumming and big-heavy 70s iommisque riffing, accompanied by a whiskey-throat kilmisteresque vocal vibe. The overall sound is raucous enough for the metal crowds and traditional enough for the heavy/hard rock people. They have a pretty good groove, hence easy to get into, but also have enough mosh/banging moments.
“Bastard Sumarai,” on the other hand, sounds quite a bit doomier, where the 70s sabbathesque riffs and the slower feel contrast with the tempo of the other songs, for the most part. “The Path” is a short, 80-second interlude.
“How Dark We Pray” is a midtempo rumble, with some active, double-bass drumming in some segments. There’s a nice, melodic guitar solo that complements this piece pretty well. During the solo, you hear the simplicity of the band’s sound: the bass guitar and drums work their magic audibly while the solo is on.
The sum: two songs are a bit more midtempo, one is a very brief track and the rest are uptempo, combining a motorheadish feel/speed/vocals with a 70s sabbathy guitar sound. In general, this is more groove than, say, melody/shredding; more uptempo than doom; more meat/potatoes than flashy musicianship; more old school metal/rock/stoner than really aggressive/fast metal.