Sunday, June 13, 2010

Omnihility (Oregon, U.S.): Omnihility

Omnihility (Oregon, U.S.): Omnihility
Omnihility is all about playing brutal death metal in the physically and mentally strenuous style: as fast as possible, blasting blast-blast in hyperactive frenzy; letting the riffs fly/swerve/dive/cut/turn and stream/zoom/rotate/slide/re-direct in rapid succession with no pauses in the action. Plus, a rather good production, too.
When Omnihility hits the ground, it is the “brutal, technical death metal” avalanche that takes over. Just how fast can this band play? How many riffs can they pack into the song? This band is finding out exactly that!
Omnihility has no time for slow songs, nor taking it easy and letting the music “breathe” or giving the listener time “digest” or anything like that. No. Not here. Come this way for the speed, the blast, the guttural growl and the technical.
This is not the door for melody, slow, melancholy or things like that.
What a lovely display of musical muscle and brain stress. Those longing for faster speeds, more technicality, and just more spazzoid death metal blasting will like this. It is 23 minutes, six songs of nonstop fun.
Omnihility originates from Oregon, with that Topeka, Kansas musical spirit running in their veins.

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