Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mormânt De Snagov (Finland): Rise from the Void

Mormânt De Snagov (Finland): Rise from the Void
Black metal raw, minimalistic attack, with decent sound quality, actually: they like that old time black metal. Do you?
1. “Antagonism” (4:46): A yelling and raging beginning. Of course, they have to set the pace. Good start.
2. “The Serpent Undead” (4:32): Another good assault; those drums sound mighty fine. Mostly speed. They are keeping it up with the right attitude.
3. “Secluded Sleeper” (4:33): That shrieking is inspired by classic black metal vocal torture. Doing it right. This song is part speed, part midpaced rage, part minimalistic melody.
4. “Nefarious Apostle” (5:06): Starts out as total black metal. At about the two-minute mark: slow guitar work until about the three-minute point, where the speed returns and stays until the end. A bit different.
5. “Inquisition” (2:52): Short and filthy, filthy.
6. “Rise of the Sardonic Lord” (5:19): This one is a slow track, with a doom-black metal atmosphere; the shrieking fills out the spaces between those slow guitar notes. It’s a pretty big change compared to the other songs.
7. “Severe Escape” (4:42): A return to the dominant uptempo black metal. A good one, for sure.
8. “Mentor Forever Dead” (5:56): A midpaced exploration into those other moods that the band is working into their sound; there is midpaced black metal raw guitar repeated for effect; this one takes a few listens to understand better.

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