Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vomiting Skulls (Finland)

Vomiting Skulls(Finland): demo
“With a name like Vomiting Skulls, it has to be good.”
Vomiting Skulls are a bunch of smarty black metal pants, with their four-song demo, with a good touch of variety.
“Slaughter” is a total-black-metal tremolo-spiral-riff-rules-all party of speed. Very difficult not to like! It’s a good song, a good start. OK, what’s next?
“Old ones” then shows up to mess with preconceived notions. How does black metal sound at middle-of-the-road tempo? On here the band goes for those heavy-crushing riffs. OK, convinced. On this one, it definitely stands out that the vocals are not the traditional black metal shriek, but a lower-register growl that works well with those doomy black metal tones.
“Altar” picks up the speed once again, and includes a second-half midtempo section, demonstrating once again that it’s not all about speed for them here. “Kill for his glory” ends this with tremolo-kingdom blasting energies, demonstrating once again that it’s all about speed for them here. Success!!

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