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The roar of Nominon (Sweden)

Interview: Nominon (Sweden)

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Nominon (Sweden)
According to Perra Karlsson, the drummer for these death metal veterans, the band are preparing to have a good year in 2010: equipped with a new vocalist, two new recordings (“Omen” e.p. and “Monumentomb” album) and optimism, the new year should be fruitful.
Nominon is loyalty to death metal.

Is "Omen" only an anticipation of the upcoming destruction?! Were these songs "Omen," "Invocations," and "Through Dead Dreams Door" recorded at the same as the full album?!
Hell Mauricio. Yes, both the mini-CD material for "OMEN" and the coming album "MONUMENTOMB" were recorded at NECROMORBUS STUDIO, Sweden at the same period of time, September 2009. The MCD is already out and the album will be unleashed March 2010, both via DEATHGASM RDS that are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the past few years Nominon has been active, releasing cds and touring. What are you plotting for 2010?!!
Besides releasing the new album we also have a split 7" EP coming up with the legendary Death Metal band SATHANAS as well, on the Polish label PAGAN RDS. We have also produced a documentary with clips from the US tour we did last summer, hopefully that film will be released during the year as well. It's about one hour long full of live Death Metal music and insane clips from the road etcetera.

When you play in Sweden, how is the reaction?
We don't really like playing in Sweden, I'd say that people are spoiled with so many shows here all the time. It's been 3 years passing since we last played a show in our hometown for example. We might play here next year, but we don't really push for it to happen, since it's up to us when we REALLY want to play and not the clubs or the Metal people here that are nagging on us to come and play at their club. If you a fan of NOMINON, you will definitely appreciate the show.

There are more guitar solos this time around. Did you discuss this? Definitely makes you stand out more than before!
No, we definitely didn't had any discussions around that subject. We appreciate some good old guitar stuff here and there, as long as it fits the music/riffs/rhythm we will continue to put some lead guitar work in there as well. If you think it was good guitar stuff on the mini-CD, just hold your breath until you'll hear the album. It'll blow you away!

"Invocations" has a good combination of clarity of sound and the fundamental Nominon elements of death. Blasting energy, galloping riffs and THAT guitar tone! How has your new screamer affected your songs?
"Invocations" are a quite old song from 2001 that we had recorded for a single 7" in the past. We've always continued to play that one live, so now it was about time that we recorded it properly in a quality studio. It's one of the guitarists of NOMINON, Juha, who is singing on that one and he did a marvelous job I must say. Since it's pretty much him, myself and AntiChristian (second guitarist) writing the music it's also obvious that he got a big role in the song-writing process for sure. That certain song is definitely a fundamental NOMINON hymn by all means.

You have toured the U.S. in the past and played the Central Illinois Metalfest. How was that experience?
We had a lot of good times over there and we are working to come back. The response were overhelming and we didn't expect that, so it was awesome. There has been some discussions about NOMINON coming back in the summer of 2010, but for now nothing is confirmed. We're in the talks with several bands (really classic underground Death Metal bands) that would suit for us to tour with, so be sure to check our website for all the latest news and shows.

Will you come to Houston, Texas in 2010?!! The metal music show From the Depths has been playing “Omen” on the radio.
Don't know right now if we will make it to The States during 2010, but we're working on it. If we get there I'm sure that we will make it to Texas this time around and hopefully to Houston as well, it would definitely be cool to meet Wes again. I like Texas very much and I can't wait to get back. That's all, thanks for the support, Mauricio. For further info and NOMINON merchandise check our website: and Hail the horned one! /Perra & NOMINON. THE END.

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