Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ninth Kingdom (Texas, U.S.)

Ninth Kingdom (Texas): Where No Kings Shall Roam
Hard work and a seriousness of objectives is what black metallers Ninth Kingdom’s album exudes. It’s not possible to understand all that’s happening during the first listen, except to notice that a lot is going on in this whirlwind. Just many guitars and drummers are playing here?!!
Embodying progressiveness/complexity and melody, and not afraid to play real guitar solos, to shred, with catchy and raging riffs; they have something creative to offer.
Hear the 11-minutes-plus that is “A Storm on the Horizon” for ample evidence of their energies: a trip to their multifaceted worlds.
For a one-way ticket to the inside of the circle of drumming chaos, hear “Divination of Self” and try not to pass out. If you do, that’s ok, when you wake up, “The Hollowed Crown” or “The Bastard Son” will be there to urge you on.
It’s pleasant to hear such dedication to the guitar and drums and to what can be achieved with them. There is much taking place here, but the fact is that this, if one has the mind to listen to it, has lots of musicality to be appreciated and enjoyed.

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